Jul 6, 2012

{Excerpt Post + Giveaway} Devil's Do-Gooders by Lisa Maliga

Devil's Do-Gooders
Devil's Do-Gooders by LisaMaliga
Blurb:Curtis Angeles hassurvived the hell of watching his wife of sixteen years die of brain cancer.Emotionally drained and psychologically scarred, he escapes the cold Chicagowinters and bittersweet memories, and moves to rural Neroli, Florida. He seekspeace, quiet and privacy--but will he find it? Curtis rents an apartment in alarge historical house, which he shares with an antiques store owned by Larry"the landloooord" Pleasant. He settles in, relaunching his onlinegraphic design business, and tries to begin the healing process. Soon, unseendark forces emerge within his home. Are they paranormal? Demonic?Psychological? And just as he's getting into a routine, the antiques businessis replaced with "The Conservatory" which is run by Able McCormick, anarcissist and self-appointed dictator of Neroli.

Who are the devil'sdo-gooders? What do they want from him? Part horror, part psychologicalthriller, "Devil's Do-Gooders" follows Curtis into a world wheresomething sinister is determined that his journey will end in a violent death.

Warning: This bookcontains some graphic sexual content, language and violence.

Excerpt from Chapter 7
That Friday, all the occupants of the historic Wilkes Housemet in the side yard/parking area. Curtis was heading out to the city for theafternoon and hadn't anticipated a convergence of any kind other than gettinghis mail and picking up groceries. Just as one of the kittens scurried backunder the house, the tan SUV pulled up to the side of the Trust &Preservation Conservatory and parked crookedly. The short man got out and wavedand called out to Curtis.

"Hello!" said the man as he headed over to Curtis'scar. "My name's Wendell Hamilton. I'm the executive director of the Trust& Preservation Conservatory."
"Hello, Wendell, I'm Curtis Angeles." They shookhands.

"I believe in the good neighbor policy and I wanted toassure you that we're a nonprofit and we don't work long hours. We come and goa lot. We don't work on weekends and our hours are standard Monday throughFriday from nine to five."

"That's good to know." Curtis said, looking up tosee the black Silverado rolling down Hickory Street. Shit, here comes thelandlord. For a second he felt guilty about feeding the cats, as he knew hewasn't supposed to. They were wild cats, for Christsakes, what harm did it doto feed hungry animals? Just because the landlord didn't like 'em…

The large pickup stopped in the middle of the road and Larryjumped out, leaving his door open. "Hey, Wendell, good to see you. Hey,Curtis." He walked over to them.

Maybe Curtis was being sensitive, but he felt like thelandlord was decidedly cooler toward him than to the newest tenant in the store-turned-office.
"Larry, I was just explaining to Curtis about ourbusiness hours."
The landlord chuckled. "What hours you lazysonofabitch!"
Wendell's sparse eyebrows crinkled. "I don't know whatyou mean. I work six, uh, five days a week."

There was the sound of a car pulling into the parking spacenext to Wendell's SUV. It was the white station wagon. The men watched as aslight woman with curly brown hair and a long floral dress walked over to them.Wendell smiled and announced loudly, "there's the one and only AbleMcCormick!"
Curtis smiled at the man's cheesy impression of a talk showhost announcing a guest. He noticed that Larry was grinning as he watched theyounger woman making her way over to them. She held a few envelopes.

"Wendell, I waited in line at the post office down inBeelerton to mail a package. And I've come to find out that the post officewill be closed come January! My friends own the shop where the post office isand now they won't be getting any more money from the government. Now we can'tjust let the government close down all the post offices in the state of Floridajust because they're small. What about the post office here – is that next? Orthe two in Magnolia? Will they stop delivering mail altogether?
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