Apr 5, 2012

Sign Ups for Dystopian Survival Week

Dystopian Blog Hop Week
Week April 23rd – April 27

Ali from Ali’s Bookshelf and I are hosting the Dystopian Survival Week Hop in honor of all the fantastic dystopian novels. Can you survive a week of hops?

Dystopian Survival week is going to consist of hops and challenges through-out the week. Each blog will host a specific topic of a dystopian theme or challenge they’d like their readers to do or read to enter their giveaways.

  • You must think of your discussion theme or challenge you would like and email me once you’ve decided. I will add you to the list once I receive it.
  • Date: Let me know which days you have available that week in the email so I can sort everyone out for the post days.
  • Email if your giveaway is going to be USA/International or Specific.
  • Theme Examples: Discuss something about specific dystopian novels, characters, worlds that have been created, anything dystopian related.
  • Challenge Example: Can be anything from "Guess this quote", Word scrabble, anything that would be fun as a challenging the readers.
  • Giveaways should be of a dystopian novel of either the bloggers topic or any dystopian novel of their choice.
  • Giveaways can be books or book related items.
To sign up and get more information click below:

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