Apr 28, 2012

Dystopian Survival Week Wrap Up + Giveaways!

Dystopian Blog Hop Week
Week April 23rd – April 27

Ali from Ali’s Bookshelf and I hosted the Dystopian Survival Week Hop in honor of all the fantastic dystopian novels. Did you survive a week of all the hops?

Dystopian Survival week consist of hops and challenges through-out the week. Each blog hosted a specific topic of a dystopian theme or challenge and gave away a dystopian book of their choice. I had a blast with checking out all the fun challenges and I hope you will all visit them before the end of the giveaways!

These giveaways will be for a week from there start date so dont miss out!

April 23rd 
ME! - Will host the Dystopian Image Scramble Challenge (Giving away Insurgent)
Alis Bookshelf - Welcome to Dystopian Week Post

April 24
EM Castellan - Guess that Quote Challenge (Giveaway The Knife of Never Letting Go)
 YA Books - Government System in Dystopian Novels (Giving away Various Dystopian Novels)

April 25th
Alis Bookshelf - Would you make it through the Maze Challenge (Giving away The Maze Runner)
Pretty Deadly Reviews - Hunger Games Theme (Giving away Hunger Games + Swag)

April 26th
Breath of Life Book Reviews - Article 5 Theme (Giving away Article 5 + Post Card)
Book Lovin Mamas - Surviving the Caves Challenge (Giving away The Host)

April 27th
One Book Per Week - Woman/Girls in Dystopian Novel Theme ( Giveaway Blood Red Road)
Sharon Loves Books and Cats - The Hunt Challenge (Giveaway The Hunt)

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