Jan 5, 2012

Follow Friday! {29} How Many Unread Books Are On Your Shelf?

Question this week from Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.

Q. Go count the number of unread books on your bookshelf. How Many?

26! I'm actually quite proud of that number lol. Sad enough to say I'm not counting the ebooks... since well their not on my bookshelf :) But at the moment I have 26 wonderful books yelling my name every time I look over to my shelf and I'm dying to read every one of them. Half of them are ARCs and books that make me want to smack my head for not reading yet... Yes one of them is the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer *puts head down in shame* I will prevail and get to reading these books soon!!

What are some of the books on your shelf that you wish you could read but just don't have the time yet?


  1. 26 books?!?!?! That is awesome. I'm not quite at that place just yet:) Some of the books that I just haven't had time for yet are The Demon Trapper's Daughter, Forever, The Iron Knight, Shift, and ok really too many to name! New follower to your beautiful blog! Have a wonderful weekend. Shari (My Neurotic Book Affair)

  2. So, I am nowhere near being that low. But I also didn't count my ebooks...*laughs guiltily* Don't feel bad about Mara Dyer cause I'm late on that train myself (just read it last weekend). New follower, check me out at:


  3. That low! I envy you... At least I don't have ebooks to count... Or do I?

    Happy weekends!

    Jez's Bookcase

  4. That's low. You should feel proud. I would be happy if I had that many unread books. Come check out how many books I have as well.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love

  5. Hopping through. Good to have a low number. I bet you can get through those relatively quickly - and then get more :-)
    My Hop

  6. I read 30 books in 2011 and I have 40 books to be read. Ah well. I'll get to them. Instead of looking at the size of the stack, I simply say, "Look at all the adventures I shall have."

  7. You have an awesome. Mine was completey shocking to me. lol. Love the picture you put with your FF. Old Follower. =] Also just Followed your twitter. =]
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  8. That's not too bad then. =)

    - New follower

  9. Unread books in the shelf is a beautiful sight. ;)

    Follower! Come see my Friday as well! FF & TGIF Numbers & Goals Edition!

  10. Good morning - new follower stopping by on the Friday Follow.

    I'm all for the big stack of old fashioned physical books . . . my (yikes!) 400+ gives me something to do if I win the lottery, or if civilization breaks down into some post-apocalyptic dystopia. :)

  11. Now that's a considerable number of books. I know you can read them this year. :)

    Old follower. Happy Friday.
    Come check out my FF post!:)

  12. A sort of manageable number! Good luck getting them all read. New follower here. :)

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  13. New follower! I really like your banner. I read that you are a graphic designer. Did you design it? If so, you are so talented! Looking forward to reading your reviews. :)


  14. That is EXCELLENT number :) Heck, a snow storm and you could read 'em all!

    Happy Follow Friday!