Dec 22, 2011

{Author Guest Post + Giveaway} Blood Magic by Zoey Sweete

We have author Zoey Sweete here on Seeing Night Reviews to discuss her awesome characters in her Draven Witch Series. She is also giving away 1 ebook copy to 1 lucky reader!

The Characters of Blood Magic
With all the paranormal books out there we wanted Blood Magic to stand out among the rest. We wanted our characters to blow our readers away and follow them on their journey through chaos, darkness, and love. Renee Draven is our heroine, a witch/vampire hybrid, who kicks ass and says what’s on her mind. Foretold by prophecy she is the one said to save them all from Damaskeos, one of the first vampires ever sired, who has stalked her ancestors for centuries draining them and absorbing their power. Damaskeos is everything a dark lord should be; ruthless, cunning, and enjoys toying with 
Draven(as he calls her) in her dreams.

Renee has several hot supernatural creatures that have sworn to protect her and die for her. Tristan, the demon hunter, our tattooed, smart ass, British comic relief, has something to say even when he should keep his mouth shut. Let’s say there’s always an ongoing pissing contest between the heroes in this book. Then we have the Angelo brothers, born into the world before the existence of mortals, when demons and celestial beings ruled the dimensions. Dante Angelo, the first vampire ever, who is the key to unleashing Renee’s vampire side with his bite, but Dante wants more than to just awaken her supernatural nature, he wants to claim her for his own. William Angelo, the first werewolf, who has been trapped in a hell dimension of Tarrak, is brought home by Renee and with one touch she calms the beast within him.

Lucas, half Valkyrie (the angels of death, who fly over the battle field collecting the souls of the dead) and half vampire. He is Damaskeos’ son, but Lucas wishes nothing more than to destroy the man who raped his mother. As the plot deepens Renee learns she must rescue Slaine, a werelion, who looks as if the Greek God’s chiseled his body themselves. He is the only known source to finding the Draven ferrum, a magical sword that only Renee’s bloodline may touch. She must journey to Tarrak, a hellish dimension, home to the darkest of demons, including the prince Jed and his queen mother Demya. Releasing Slaine from his imprisonment puts him in debt to her forever. 

Our demons (Old Ones) in book 1 are Likai, who is the demon of lies and chaos. If trapped in a mystical triangle he must tell the truth. His sister is Blythe known as The Winged One. She is the reason that Renee must find the ferrum, it is the only weapon that will kill the deadly Old One.

Blood Magic will take you on a mystical ride and into the world of the things that go bump in the night. Renee will struggle with learning to trust the magic that course through her veins and have the strength to destroy Damaskeos and bring redemption to her lineage.

Blood Magic Book 1 of the Draven Witch Series is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords, Createspace, and is now in the Ingrams catalogue and coming to a book shelf near you.

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Renee Draven has also been asked to be featured as a guest role on Forever Knights, a role playing group on facebook. It has been loads of fun and Ms. Draven has her very own facebook. Facebook (Ranee Draven) 

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