Nov 9, 2011

{Author Guest Post + Giveaway} Stolen Sun by L.C. DeCarlo

Please welcome guest author L.C. DeCarlo who is here to tell us about her paranormal novel Stoeln Sun The Juliana Lucio Series!

Thank you so much for having me on Seeing Night Reviews! My name is L.C. DeCarlo, and my book is Stolen Sun: The Juliana Lucio Series. It is the first book in the series with the second book coming out hopefully in January 2012. Stolen Sun is an adult paranormal fiction novel about a woman named Juliana Lucio; she is a doctor in an emergency department in Chicago until she is violently attacked, and subsequently turned into a vampire. It is a fast paced, emotionally charged book that will pull you in right from the beginning.

Juliana is turned by a vampire named Ana; that she had worked with but didn’t know. Ana is a stoic, jealous, protective Sire. She often comes across as uncaring, but in reality cares very much for Juliana; we see this come through in bits and pieces. Even though she is the source for all of Juliana’s pain and heartache she does everything, including risk her own existence, to help her.

After Ana attempts to take Juliana on her first feeding, and it goes terribly, we meet William. He is the vampire that all the women tell me they really, really love. He is the sexy, bad boy vampire that rides the motorcycle, and drives the fast car, yet is still a gentleman. He is Ana’s best friend and roommate, which makes him Juliana’s new roommate. He causes some confusion for Juliana because she’s drawn to him; yet she still loves her husband that she can no longer have. But no matter what, William is hot.

The premise of the story is that Juliana must not allow her family to know what has become of her. This would be hard for anyone I imagine, and Juliana truly loved her life and her family. The anguish she goes through at trying to leave them, and keep them safe is something that anyone would be able to relate to. Ana, William, and Juliana discover that she has a few rare abilities, and some master vampires that come into town decide they want to use her abilities to further their own plans. When she refuses to join them they kidnap her teenage son in an attempt to gain her cooperation. Juliana must decide if she is truly going to trust the woman that stole her life from her, to help her protect the one thing she is desperate to keep safe. Can Juliana, Ana, and William stop the powerful master vampires . . . or will none of them make it out alive?

This book will have you laughing, crying, lusting, and wanting more. I truly hope you enjoy it. It can be purchased in Kindle, Nook and print formats from both Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Thank You again for having me,
L.C. DeCarlo 
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  1. My favorite part of vampire books is how sexy they are. :)

  2. Let's see, I love vampire books because there is a certain danger and darkness that is inherent with vampires. Vampires have a lot to overcome, blood lust, sunlight, the whole fanged thing.... it all makes for good reading and some good it! Book Savvy Babe

  3. I definitely love vampire books because of the vampires unearthly good looks, the danger aspect, the thought of being bitten is always thrilling. Is that enough? LOL

    Thanks for sharing some of the storyline!

    Piccked by Poison

  4. i love vampires because they are sexy

  5. I love it all. The danger, the romance, their smoking good looks, everything. There's nothing not to like.

    Christina Madison

  6. I love the blending of old & new legends.


  7. I've been wanting to read this book. TY for the giveaway chance.

  8. I love vampire books ecause I love the worlds and characters created. The males are usually loyal and very alpha and sexy so whats not to love.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I have seen this book everywhere the last few days and it looks like a great read


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  10. I have to agree with all of you, vampires definitely have that sex appeal mixed with a sense of danger. I mean really, what woman doesn’t want that sexy alpha male vying to protect her. What I love about my characters is that even though William is the sexy alpha male; Juliana doesn’t wait around for him to rescue her or her son. She is strong and capable all on her own. She does need help for sure from her Sire Ana, and William; but she doesn’t sit around like a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. I really hope you all enjoy the story.

  11. The chance for everlasting love :)

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  13. I love the danger that comes with vampires. They are usually older and therefore have different ideas about our world. Plus if they are super hot that's just fine with me.