Jul 15, 2011

{Review} Bleeder by L.K. Rigel

Bleeder (Apocalypto, #3)Bleeder by L.K. Rigel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE:  Fantasy Romance
THEME: Magic
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I really enjoy a book that gets be riled up and in a good way. Bleeder is definitely a book that liked to kick my emotions in gear with hating characters and situation, but loving others in the process. I talked to a good friend of mine about this book and we had an hour discussion in what we would do in the situation that Mallory the main character is put in. This truly shows the impact that Rigels story had on me.

Mallory is a young girl who has been chosen for a rare and important position in her world. She is a Chalice, a female who is fertile and might one day provide an heir to a king in one of the main cities. But Mal’s life gets a bit more difficult when rumors of her past change her pampered life and is chosen for a whole new destiny.

Bleeder discusses a topic of women used as a way for high society men to get heirs. There were quite a few explicit scenes that I wasn’t prepared for, but it made me understand the life of a Chalice. Their life is challenging, competitive, and extremely heartbreaking if you fall in love.  I really pulled for Mallory to be happy she’s the definition of survivor and really has so many obstacles that are preventing her from being who she is.

The King of Allel is a key character in Mals life, he’s someone who makes her stronger and knows how special she is. I really was fond of him as a character and as a male who really didn’t abuse with his power as some could in his position. Mal and the King had really great scenes together and some hot scenes that made me need to fan myself.

The King of Garrick, is what I would call s chauvinistic bully and a intriguing villainous character. He too is a key character for Mal and not in a friendly way.  He was the main character who really made me dislike him and sometimes situations that Mal put herself in with him, made me angry with her.

Overall at times I was a little overwhelmed at times with how much information was giving and trying to keep track of what was going on. But I felt that Rigel created a unique world and characters that really made me pull for Mal to have a happy ending.  I recommend this to science fiction fantasy fans and those who enjoy some romance mixed it.

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  1. Wow, what an interesting plot!! Thanks for this review, I think I'm going to have to check this one out.