May 13, 2011

Follow Friday! and Blog Hop {10}

Question this week from parajukee

Q. What is the most emotional scene in a book that you have read lately?

A.  Omg!! Well I finally read and finished City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare. The whole book is an emotional wreak for the character of Jace so their are so many scenes that I was just like...dang this guy is just one big bundle of mopey, sad, angst, and guilt...he needs a hug. But the best scene was the alley way scene with Jace and Clary, emotional as in the angst and passion they have for each other is so deep and so sad sometimes I was justyelling is my head "YOU BETTER KISS HER" cause he owed her for his moodyness. 

Question of the week: Crazy-For-Books
Q.  "Are you going to Book Expo America and or the Book Blogger Convention this year."
A. Sadly no Im not because its in NY and Im in Cali thats some major cash I have to put out and well I need the money for school projects since im graduating lol. Maybe one year Ill go, but I have comic con this year to meet more authors :)

Question of the week: Bitten by Paranormal Romance


  1. New follower...I have read COFA and I was upset as well,,,but mine comes from more frustration,,,than anything,,cause I believe the Clary and Jace have been thru enough,,,its time for there HEA already...anyway,,,thanks for sharing..
    and you do know that there are 2 more books coming out,,1 in 2012 and 1 in 2013,, can't wait..

  2. Hopping through. I'm reading TMI book 3 right now. Can't wait to read book 4.
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  3. Hi & Happy Friday!

    I have seen this book on a few blogs now, I have added it to my TBR pile :)

    My FF for this week is here,

    Have a nice weekend.

  4. I'm supposed to get to the series soon. I love how emotional reads stick with you even though you are done.

  5. Hoping through Newest follower and cute blog :) I also cried on Cofa :D except it was more because I got frusterated