Apr 16, 2011

Super Cover Sunday {1}

A Meme dedicated to discussing book covers. Pick a new cover artist or book cover each sunday and discuss what you like about the design.

As a Graphic Designer I have a fondess for beautiful art and would like to one day design covers myself. I know many readers are attracted to a lot of books because of their covers. I know I for one even though I try my best to look beyond the cover can't resist a big with amazing art. I decided that every Sunday I'm going to promote a book cover artist that I like and his/her work and why.

This weeks cover artist is my number one favorite : Dan Dos Santos

Dan Dos Santos does work for many book companies such as Random House, Tor Books, Scholastic Books, and Penguin. Plus one of my favorite comic book companies DC Comics.

I chose his work for Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. I loved the realist style and his portrayal of what he thought Briggs Mercy should look like. If you haven't read the series Mercy is native American and a shifter who turns into a coyote. She is also a mechanic and apart of a pack of werewolves. My favorite part is how Santos really got into great detail in her tattoos which are described a lot in the books. No words are really needed to describe her because thats what I've always thought she looked like.

To see more of his work & book cover designs : Dan Dos Santos(dot)com

Also his beautiful illustration can be found in his book.

What are some of your favorite covers?
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  1. These aren't quite to my taste but I can see the appeal, the do look gorgeous.


  2. Thanks for responding jules its much appreicated :)

  3. Oh, how fun! I like it, this is a really great idea! And they are really nice as well.

    Rebecca @ kindle fever

  4. Thanks Bex! I really love the covers that have been done lately, the amazing.

  5. Great meme and great choices for today's feature! I really like the covers you chose. Although I am not a graphic artist, I appreciate the more real features of the female (she isn't stick thin). I also like the coloring of each cover. I truly feel that more attention should be paid to cover art. Even though there is the old saying about judging a book, the reality is we usually are captured by those things/people who catch our eye first!

    Thanks for letting me hop on the meme...I look forward to more Sunday posts!


  6. Those are really great! Yours are a great example of how an artist can really capture the characters. Mine on the other hand...I told you I had some interesting covers for you today - check them out over at Alive on the Shelves.