Mar 29, 2011

Review of A Marriage of Inconvenience by Susanna Fraser

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Adult Romance,
BOOK THEME: Historical
RECEIVED: Copy from Carina Press
AUTHOR: Website
RELEASE DATE: April 11th 2011

Goodreads Synopsis: Left orphaned and penniless as a young child, Lucy Jones learned to curb her temper, her passions, and even her sense of humor to placate the wealthy relatives who took her in. She became the perfect poor James Wright-Gordon also lost his parents at a young age. But he became a wealthy viscount at fifteen and stepped into full control of his fortune and his birthright as a parliamentary power broker at twenty-one. At twenty-four, he is serenely confident in his ability to control everything in the world that matters to him.

At a house party in the summer of 1809, James quickly discerns Lucy’s carefully hidden spirit and wit and does his best to draw them out. After being caught in a compromising situation, they are obliged to marry. But can two people whose need for control has always been absolute learn to put love first?


Lucy Jones was orphaned at a young age along with her two brothers. Their wealthy relatives took them in but sent her two brothers elsewhere to study. She had to obey their rules of being silent and doing everything they said. Luckily overtime she fell for her cousin Sebastian and he proposed, but Lucy had her doubts after they were asked to keep their engagement a secret.

Little did Lucy know that she would come upon the very attractive and considerate James who is a wealthy Lord and seems to be taken with her. This is all until scandal after scandal occurs and Lucy is caught in the middle and her heart finds comfort in James.


I seem to have a new grown fondness for Historical Romances lately and this one has become another favorite of mine. I have to say it makes me giggle a little about how innocent women were in these days and poor Lucy the lead female is definitely very innocent.

After Lucy’s cousin Sebastian proposes to her and she accepts, she is happy but a bit concerned on why he wishes to marry so soon. Plus her status is not high society like her relatives would want for their son, so they are keeping it a secret until their daughter marries.

What was most exciting about this story is that the families in this book are anything but proper. They have scandals up the wazoo and secrets everywhere that made me not wanting to stop reading until the end. I felt bad for Lucy because she was pretty much getting stuck in the middle of everyone else’s drama and all she wanted was to draw, keep the peace and help her brothers.

I found James’ character to be the most intriguing, he is defiantly a man of passion and intelligence. He catches on to all the conniving that Lucy’s relatives have going on and doesn’t like it one bit. But he’s interest in Lucy is undeniable even though he tries to deny it. Also his sister Anna was a great spunky and sweet character that I really couldn’t hate and you’ll see what I mean once you read this book.

The romance in this story is not thrown at you like some in this genre are normally. But it’s steamy and defiantly gives you the chills with how much detail is given. James is very much the tall dark and handsome man that you want to read about.

If you love any kind of romance novel I highly recommend this book, the plot keeps you deeply captivated because you have to know what happens next. It does have the typical aspects of historical romance but it wont disappoint.


This is an adult romance novel with lots of sexual content. I would highly recommend fans of Lynsay Sands , Lisa Kleypas, and Eloisa James.

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