Mar 22, 2011

Review of Ascension by Sable Grace

Ascension (Dark Breed, #1)Ascension by Sable Grace

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
GENRE: Adult, Urban Fantasy
BOOK THEME: Mythology (Gods and Goddesses), Magic, Vampires, Lychens
SERIES: Dark Breed #1
AUTHOR: Website
RECEIVED: Arc copy from Avon

Ascension is a impressive debut for authors Heather Walters and Laura Barone, who came together to create the writing team Sable Grace. A dark story that takes place in a world where humans are becoming rare and need to be protected. It carries originality, paranormal elements, and a bit of romance. It is a thrilling take on Greek Gods and Vampires.

Dark Breeds in the masses were released onto earth and had taken over cities, killing humans and non everywhere. The Gods of Olympus sends out those who are strong enough to safe as many innocents as they can, but it was getting harder each time. The rare ones that are known as the “Chosen” are to be protected and brought Below aka Olympus, they have a given purpose in Olympus.

Kyana is a Dark Breed but on that works for the goddess Artemis as one of her hunters. She is a rare breed that is half vampire half Lychen, She gets paired up with a demi-god whom she has a past with named Ryker. The constant bickering and hatred steams of the pages, but its different than the common love hate relationship because they each have their issues with one being a demi god and one being a Dakr Breed. Sable Grace does a great job in the Greek Mythology elements, creating Olympus and all the known gods and goddess.

The lead characters had many flaws and interesting connections to the Gods. There are glimpses of Kyana’s past but Grace doesn’t get too into it, which I feel was a good thing. Her character has a lot of development through out the book; I’m interested to see about her past and why it’s still affecting her as it does in this book. There are flashbacks of her sire that give you ideas of what she has gone through and make her a really strong character, one that you want to connect too.

“We are also Lychen. The restlessness of that half will never be content until you find the one meant for you. You will forever be a prisoner to it. Do not delude yourself that you are free.”
Kyana and Ryken are given a task by key figures in Olympus that will both test their strengths and emotions as they try to save Earth from falling into destruction. Secondary characters really help keep the book flow nicely with humorous aspects and emotional connections for the leads.

This is an adult novel that carries a lot of adult elements such as, sexual content, violence and mature settings. I would say from ages 18 and up. Recommended for fans of Kim Harrison and Laurell K Hamilton.

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  1. I agree! It was a fun book to read and cleverly done.