Mar 14, 2011

Review: Hunting Human by Amanda Alvarez & Givaway Update

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Adult, Paranormal Romance
BOOK THEME: Werewolves
AUTHOR: Web | Facebook | Twitter
RECEIVED: Arc copy from CarinaPress
Just heard from the author herself Amanda Alvarez told me on facebook : 
"Hi Kristen. So glad you enjoyed Hunting Human! And yes, I plan to make this a series so subsequent books are planned. :)"

A young woman and her friend are kidnapped one night in Europe by two men both dangerous and not human, only one survives. Beth is trying to restart her life but her past forever haunts her, until she finds a man who tries to help her live again. Great paranormal romance with the usual werewolf back story but has a high emotional story that makes you really connect with the characters and storyline

Beth Williams watches her friend be murdered by ruthless wolves that were hunting them in the woods. Hunting Human by Amanda Alvarez creates an emotional and steamy story that will satisfy any paranormal romance reader. Beth tries to start a new life in Portland Oregon but her past and lose of her friend are always at the back of her mind. Beth is being hunted by one of the men who kidnapped her years ago and he wont stop until he has his revenge.
While working at a local coffee shop she meets Braden Edwards whose attraction to her is undeniable. They start a steamy but short-lived romance once her past and his secret come crashing together. Braden isn’t human; he’s just like the man who his hunting her and Braden discovers that she too is one of them.

Hunting Human is romantic and I enjoyed the way that Alvarez writes the story of the present and the past around each other. You get Beth’s perspective on what happened to Beth and her friend at the start of the book and later on find out how her friend died and how Beth escaped. When Braden finds out Beth is connected to his long time enemy the one who originally kidnapped her he takes her home with him, well in his trunk, which is an interesting scene and not the most pleasant way. Their interactions are intense and exciting, you really have an idea how these two are fighting their true emotions for each other.

Braden has a great family, many who are wolves themselves and create a more family feel environment for Beth, which gives the story a happier tone. I really enjoyed her interactions with the family and her friendship with Braden’s sister Lucy. I also liked the character Chase, who is not their bother by blood but he has a connection to the man after Beth. He is very protective of the family and very much of Lucy, which is a whole other story that I’m interested in.

The story is the typical werewolf paranormal romance, but the side story over the romance keep me reading and liking it all the way through. You get some hot and steamy scenes, the romance and passion between the characters is defiantly a high point. It had surprises and action, with lots of conflicts that keep you wanting more. I hope that we get another book, possible one with Chase or Lucy?

This is an adult novel that carries a lot of adult elements such as, sexual content, violence and mature settings. I would say from ages 18 and up. Recommended for fans of Nalini Singh, Lora Leigh, and Larissa Ione. Highly recommend!

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