Dec 16, 2008


Graceling tells the story of a young woman who live in a world where people are "graced." Meaning they were born with a gift, some of flight,speed,mind reading, but Katsa was gifted with one that people fear...the grace of killing.
Here Uncle is King Rada and he control one of seven kingdoms, he keeps his people under control using Katsa as a threat. Katsa and her friends go behind his back and form a group of people who help others. While in the process of saving another kings grandfather she runs into his grandson Po. From there starts a whirl wind of adventures, heroism, love, and sacrafice. Together Po and Katsa try and solve who planned to kidnap his grandfather, while figureing out each others own deep dark secrets.

Five star book, I haven't been so excited to re-read a book in so long and this was well worth the re-reading.

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