Aug 12, 2008

Bitten to Death

The fourth book in the amazing Jaz Parks series was my favorite so far. Finally finally!!! Jaz and Vayl both confess the feelings that have been there since the beginning. But problems get in the way, one starting with her brother David and the other out The Vampire Trust.

The Trust is a group of old powerful vampires, whom of which Vayl use to be apart of a long time ago. When they meet up with Jaz David, and Vayl their new leader Disa does some claiming of her own on Vayl.

David being a problem with a huge drinking issue since pulling an evil wizard out of him months ago has brought him to a tough place. Luckly Cassandra his girlfriend and Jaz's good friend calms him with her call to him while hes away. But Jaz is still worried about him on this mission.

Of course the main mission is to take out Samos, but they have to go through Disa and her strange group of vampires. And don't for get the shape shifters making an awesome appearance and great back up characters.

Lots of twist, romance, and of course kick butt action. I am excited about the final installment coming in Jan!!!

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