Jan 21, 2008


I seriously think I read too fast..I love reading and can't wait to get to the end of the story, but then I am bummed because there is nothing left to read.

Anyways I just finished Stray by Rachel Vincent. Such a good book I loved every character, though Faythe kept getting everyone around her in trouble because of her stubbornness. That was the only part that frustrated me, but it added to the suspense that was to come. The relationship with her family I enjoyed the most, the over protective father/Alpha, the mother who was just as protective but hid behind cleaning everything, the brothers all with a variety of personalities that I couldn't get enough of. Jace of course I had a soft spot for, poor guy no matter what he did, he never got a break mostly from Marc. Ah and Marc gotta love the over protective and yummy guy he is in the book. His relationship with Faythe made me smile, the bickering and loving made it that more exciting.

Overall 5 stars for this writers first book and I cant wait for the second in the series Rogue!

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  1. Stray is a seriously addictive book. Giving power to the literature majors and combing intellectual witty and kick ass sex appeal is a great combo. I read it phenomenologically fast and I enjoyed every minute of it as my eyes racing through the pages. The only trait that made me go Arrgh was Faythe's stubbornness. Great review!
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