Jan 18, 2008

My First Post/Review

So I opened up a blog for me book reviews, since I read so much I thought...why not. Since I can remember I have always loved reading and now that I work at a book store, I can't stop. Anyways the first book I am going to review is the latest on I have finished, which was today.

Savor Me Slowly by. Gena Showalter.

I have been reading her books for a while and recently read her YA alien huntress series, which I loved and went ahead and read the adult books. I loved the first of the series especially since a lot of the character from the YA were in them. The second book was brilliant Lucian was my favorite because of his smart mouth.

As for the third, Savor Me Slowly ---- I give it 5 stars.

The characters from the previous stories added a good element to the whole plot. But I loved Jaxon so much from the other book that I had to read this one. Anyways Le' Ace and Jaxons chemistry was hot and very passionate. I couldn't get enough of the two together, and Jaxons jealousy over Nolan and anger towards her not at all nice boss. Though I loved the other characters from the previous books, they sidetracked me a lot and I had to wait patiently to get back to the love birds. I did though feel for Dallas and how he had to cope with he new self and I was frustrated that Jaxons team mates couldn't get past their hatred of Le' Ace to understand her. Overall the story was perfect and I can't wait for more...Gena please please write more soon, I know that Devyn novel is on its way!!!

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