Jul 3, 2018

{Review} In Like Flynn by Donna Alam

In Like Flynn by Donna Alam
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
GENRE: Contemporary
THEME: Romance, Humor
In Like Flynn
In Like Flynn
by Donna Alam
4.57 · 89 Ratings · 53 Reviews


Flynn Phillips stole my orgasm,
And I need a plan to take it back.

Since our hook-up months ago,
Even my BoB isn’t doing it for me.
I think I need a do-over,
A chance to prove the problem is all in my head.
That he didn’trock my world.
That he isn’t the star of my R-rated fantasies.
Because the man is cocky and annoying and I can’t stand his Australian ass!
I can’t stop thinking about it, either.
But as pretty as Flynn Phillips is,
He won't feature in my long-term plans.
Even if I wanted him to

Or would he?


This is my first book by Donna Alam and will not be my last, I love discovering new authors, especially ones who write hilarious romance story with a wild couple like Chastity and Flynn.

The beginning lead me to believe that there is a book before this one, that I'm now dying to get my hands on. The secondary couple characters, friend of Flynn and Chastity were a riot and I really want to know how they all got together and more insight into Flynn and Chastity before this book. So even though I don't know about the duos first meeting this story was easy to get sucked into and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Chastity is a tough as nails, hard working and full of sass woman, she run a classy "adult" movie studio and enjoys the heck out of her work. But for someone in her work field she is having a big problem, her "O" is missing and Flynn Phillips is the man who stole it. After they got together she hasn't been able to give herself and orgasm, but one touch from this man and boom! It's Os for days. Flynn is all about giving Chastity what she needs, the Aussie hottie enjoys pushing her buttons and giving her all she needs. Neither seem to be able to get each other out of their heads and are about to go into uncharted waters in the "relationship" category.

This was such a fun read, I loved the humor, the friends and family interaction and of course the steam, panty melting moments with Flynn and Chastity. There are some ups and downs for the two, but in the end I loved reading their journey into realizing that they have something good. Chastity has a lot to learn about being with someone like Flynn and Flynn does his best to earn her trust. I can't wait to read more for Alam.

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