May 20, 2016

{Top 5 Reasons} The Colorado Mountain Series by Kristen Ashley

 Is a feature where I pick a title and give you five reason why you should read this book. Hopefully it will be something to help with recommendations.

I have a major soft spot for anything and everything written by Kristen Ashley. Bounty is the second to last in the Colorado Mountain story line, which actually brings back many of the past characters. There are a ton of reasons to read this series and the latest in the series!

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1: The Town

This series is based in a small town in Carnal. I love the persona it brings out in the towns people. Its small, intimate, and all the towns people have each others back, even when your new to town. Plus the have the best sounding coffee shop ever!

2: Romance... Manly Man?

The romance is what brings me back to this series each and every time. I love how the men are always alpha and are massively protective over their love interest. In bounty the romance is actually a lot slower than the other, which I found refreshing. The couple meets and is separated for a long time but meet again a slowly build up the heat.

3: Women's Club!

The girls in this series always have each others back and are each others support system. My favorite tidbit about The Bounty is that the lead female made friends with the rough and tough girl in town and they became really close.

4: Family

This series always has a great connection with the family, brothers, sisters, parents, etc.

5: More to Come

There is one more to come in this series and its going to be following Wood, who has been in many of the books as a side story character. The readers know he gets a happy ending but we dont know how he got there, so Im happy were going to find out!

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