Dec 31, 2015

{Thoughts on Thursday} Reads for Mommy on Leave

Thoughts on Thursday is a feature I've had on the blog for a while. This is where I pretty much discuss anything, even personal stuff, sometimes it will be book related but it's mostly to discuss what's been on my mind.

As you have all probably noticed my post have been less, as I normally post something everyday. But I'm now at 38 weeks into my pregnancy and its been tough to keep up with my reading! Ahh!! I hate not reading, but I'm always so tired after work now. Anywho, with my due date coming up quickly, I'm going to be taking mommy/baby time off work and I'm hoping to sneak in some good reads that I have been missing out on.

Here is my list so far for my mommy reads:

Hardwired: The first in the Hacker Series, I've heard a lot of hype about this one but I read some really great reviews of people enjoying the series as a whole. I'm hoping to start this.

Fire Touched: I'm so very excited for the next mercy Thompson installment. I'll be getting this goody in the mail soon to review a bit early, anything in the mercy universe is always my top read and I've never been disappointed.

Sebring: Is the last in the Unfinished Hero series and follows the main villian since the first book Knight. It follows bad boy Nick, Knights brother and troublemaker. He always seems like the bad guy but it sounds like there may be a lot of reasons for his actions and I cant wait to see how it will all end!

Mind Games: The 5th book in the YA/NA series The Demon Trappers series, I didnt even know this was out and now I need to read it asap!! I loved all the books prior, its dark, humorous, romantic and kick butt. I can't wait to see how this concludes! 

Now here is my question for all of you! Any books I should totally add to my list?

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