Nov 27, 2015

Black Friday: Giveaway!

Since this is usually a dreaded day of chaos, lines, waiting for hours to get that one perfect deal... I thought I'd give a little something away to make this day a bit nicer. 

In honor of one of my favorite authors coming out with her latest book this month. I'm giving away to one lucky winner, a kindle version of Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley + 1 kindle version of 1 of any of her books in her series, winners choice.

P.S. if your wondering, the winner may choose Seabring pre-order as their choice.

Additional Entry

Tell me a fun/funny Black Friday experience in the comment section :)

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  1. I've only ever been black Friday shopping a few times, and I was super excited because I got to get a Xbox Kinect cheap.

    1. I went out this year, Im 33 weeks pregnant and everyone was so nice and offered me water at each store and helped me get what I needed fast. It was actually nice.

  2. Something I avoid, so no funny stories.