Oct 7, 2015

{Top 5 Reasons} Truth or Bears by Penny Reid

 Is a feature where I pick a title and give you five reason why you should read this book. Hopefully it will be something to help with recommendations.

I'm a big fan of men who are not only alpha males but also men who don't care about getting dirty. Truth or Beard follows a group of six brothers and their handsome rugged bearded selves. The first in the series focus on Duane and his crush Jessica, but to add a little twist Duane as a twin brother that makes a mess of things for Jessica.

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1: The Humor

I'm always on the hunt for humor, Penny Reid has a talent for humor and spunk in her characters. She creates hilarious awkward moments between the two leads as well as some great brotherly conversations between the six Winston Brothers.

2: Romance... Is that you or your brother?

The romance starts out with a crush, Jessica is crushing on Beau who she thinks of as her hero, while secretly his twin whom she thinks is moody is crushing on her. Its a fun dynamic and Duane is not a man to give up hope that Jessica can see past their past and see that he's the guy for her.

3: Brotherly Love!

My main love for this book was all the brothers, each are so very different, whether its good or bad, they stick together and support each other. Yes, there is one bad apple, but he has his reason and I cant wait to read his story.

4: Motorcycle Club

Soooo, I love my boys on bikes too. But these ones arent the tall, dark and sexy ones I normally go for. Nope these guys are trouble and major trouble for the brothers and their auto shop. I'm super curious as to what more choas they might bring to the family especially with the one bad apple brother.

5: More to Come

Whats great about this book is that this is only the beginning! There are six brothers, so Im rooting for six books. Plus the Winston brothers were introduced in Reids other series Knitting in the city, so you can expect a lot more from this brood!

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  1. Brother dynamics don't seem showcased often in YA/NA. It seems like the focus is always on purely romantic relationships, friend dynamics, or feminine family relationships. I remember how well all the brothers worked in Our Only May Amelia, and how wonderful that story was when I was a young girl ^_^