Jan 20, 2015

{TOP 5 REASONS} Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson

 Is a feature where I pick a title and give you five reason why you should read this book. Hopefully it will be something to help with recommendations.

I'm always looking for a diamond in the rough, when it comes to authors I've been missing out on. R.L. Mathewson is one of those. I may not be a huge fan of the cover, it doesn't do the story justice and some people may pass on it. But I read the reviews and synopsis, I knew there was something special here.

If your in the mood for romance...and I mean smoking hot romance. But also so much humor and a crazy family, then you'll love this book and series.

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1: The Humor
I love humor with romance stories, for example the laugh out loud writing of Molly Harper. So if your looking for some hilarious and snarky fun moments, then this is totally what your looking for. Lets just say the mail protagonist Jason has one heck of an appetite...and I mean food too. So does his family...mostly the men...and well , they are banned from buffets and seriously dont gain a pound. Its on ongoing and fun side joke that I adored.

2: Romance...Holy Smokes!

The romance is unbelievable, Jason and Haley have such amazing chemistry. But their banter at the beginning is so much fun, I was laughing most of the time with the tension and craziness between the too. Most of all I loved how much Jason loved Haley's cooking...too the extreme.

3: Side Characters!

The secondary characters are mostly the families on both sides. Haley's family is unbearable but Jason family is to die for adorable. The men iN Jason family especially his brother and dad are freaking funny, they both act so crazy when it comes to food.. pretty much like children.

4: Plot

I love the idea that each book is about two neighbors who cant stand each other...mostly the male protagonist being the pain in the butt. The girl being an average woman, not some tall model either. Haley is a cute little brunette who is a teacher, but comes from a family full of snobs who constantly put her down. But she the better person in the family, who has the support of a snarky grandmother.

5: The Writing

I seriously never got bored once, nor did I want to skim through because of any slow spots. It was all faced paced, hook line and sinker addicting. Everything just was so right about this book, as I said the characters were freaking awesome, the romance is off the charts and the humor was the constant pull that kept me hooked every moment.

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  1. Ha what a great review It's going on my TBR list now so thanks for sharing!! I hope to see you around my blog