Jan 28, 2015

{Bees Knees} Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule - “Favorite Character Moments”

“Favorite Character Moments”
Bestselling author, Sherry Soule has provided today’s entertaining post. If you like supernatural suspense mingled with a healthy dose of paranormal romance, then this is the book for you! Sherry is sharing two of her favorite moments from her paranormal romance novel, IMMORTAL ECLIPSE.
Enjoy the teasers from IMMORTAL ECLIPSE!
Passage 1
Dorian pulls me to my feet and I find myself pressed against the tree. I raise my hands to push him away, but his strong fingers imprison mine above my head. I stare into those hypnotic eyes. My knees tremble. Blood springs from my heart and pounds in my brain. Desire flares in his bold stare, and I’m lost. I can’t move. I can’t think. The world has vanished. Nothing exists outside of this thrilling moment. Dorian leans in close, and a spark of response leaps between us. His fingers tighten on my wrists.
“I should do what’s right”—he inclines his head and places his mouth near my ear—”and leave you alone.”
Oh, I hope he does what’s wrong.
I’m unsure whether to step away or invade his personal space. After a moment’s hesitation, I lean into him and his hold loosens. The heat of his body enters mine, and his vibrant masculine presence overwhelms and robs me of breath. Things like that will do something funny to a girl’s head. They must. Because after swallowing twice, I say huskily, “Oh, Dorian…Dorian.” Kiss me…
Passage 2
Victor Pratt steps even closer, almost invading my space, eyeing the amulet resting between my breasts for a long second, before his gaze lingers on my boobs. His stare is downright creepy. There’s no way Victor thinks I’m a hottie—we can’t be less each other’s type. And the guy makes my skin crawl. But while I might not know how to handle the spooky stuff, I do know how to handle lecherous men.
“Y’know, being stalked isn’t really a big turn-on for most women.”
He doesn’t answer, just stares at my lady lumps.
“My eyes are up here, Victor.” I put a finger under his chin and tilt his head upward.
Victor looks down again and licks his lips.
Ewww! Annoyed, I flick his forehead with my index finger and thumb, making him blink sharply.
He rubs the red spot. “Hey!”
I glare. “Stop it then!”
His expression turns wolfish. “Why? Is it affecting you?”
I cross my arms. “Of course not. You’re being a pig.”
“Am I? So sorry.” He doesn’t even have the decency to act regretful. He has that air about him that says he knows who he is and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of him. I envy that.
Thank you so much for letting me chat up my paranormal romance novel with all of you. It’s been an honor to share my favorite moments. If you haven’t seized your copy of IMMORTAL ECLIPSE yet, please do so. I hope everyone enjoyed this post, now go feed your mind and read a book! Preferably one of mine. ;-)

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Inheriting a haunted California estate is one thing. Getting hot and bothered by its sexy caretaker is another. But Skylar Blackwell draws the line at voodoo and murder...

Skylar would rather dive into the latest fashion magazine than a murder mystery. But when her last remaining relative is crudely sliced up with a mosaic of eerie symbols on his chest, Skylar's on a mission to find answers.

Not only are the inhabitants less than welcoming, but Summerwind's gorgeous caretaker, Dorian Delacroix—a man broken and tormented by his past—instantly ignites fiery sensations within her. And romance was definitely not on the agenda.

As she begins questioning the staff, they start dying under mysterious circumstances, and although Skylar's determined to unravel the dark history of the mansion, nothing about this place—or this enigmatic man—is what it seems.

From the moment Skylar steps foot inside Summerwind, she's plunged into a strange world of doppelgangers, voodoo rituals, haunting nightmares, and a body count that's piling up faster than her collection of Jimmy Choos. Despite her simmering desire for Dorian and their rising passion for each other, Skylar realizes that she can't really trust anyone. The only thing she knows for certain is that she needs to gather enough courage to fight the darker forces she never believed existed.


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