Nov 25, 2014

{Top 5 Reasons} The Will by Kristen Ashley

 Is a feature where I pick a title and give you five reason why you should read this book. Hopefully it will be something to help with recommendations.

Okay so I'm sure from the many reviews that you have all read on my blog lately I'm addicted to anything and everything K.A. writes.

The Will is actually one of K.A.'s latest titles but it was actually my first. I'm may be a bit of a newbie but this story seriously woke me up to a romance writer that I was totally missing out on.

Below I will list the top 5 reasons what you should read this book or at least add it to your TBR list.

Oh by the way this cover is by no means bad but it's simplicity has a reason and it may not be eye catching but the story is the real hook line and sinker.

Check out my 4 star review here and see more on what Iloved about  The Will - Review.

1: The Characters! 

Kristen Ashley is an indie author and someone who has been around the block for a while now. Her characters in each story have so much depth, history and emotion that I have never once had a problem connecting with them. Even if they are not my favorite, I still get sucked into their situations and what K.A. has brought to life. Plus I love that this isn't a story about teens or adults in their 20s, no these are forty year old adults who have a ton of spark after so much tough love and loss.

2: Romance...Sizzling Hot!

I love me some smocking hot romance. I'm a sucker for romance but even more so when two people connect so well that it hurts when their not together. In the Will, Jake and Josephine have some serious chemistry no matter how much they differ from each other. Jake is very alpha male, where Josephine is a little uptight and reminds me of an adorable Mary Poppins. Overall the scenes together scream tension, passion and holy moly lust!

3: Secondary Characters

Usually the secondary characters help keep the main moving along with the plot and thats it. But in The Will I felt all the characters held a huge amount of importance. But the main reason that I loved the secondary characters was because they were kids! Jake has 3 kids from many failed marriages but his kids are everything to him. Each one has their own spunk of hilarious story-lines and are really important in bringing Jake and Josephine together.

4: Plot

K.A. always has a twist, mystery or villain that is really doing a good job with keeping the protagonist from finding happiness. The plot in this had so many sweet, intense, scary and emotional moments that hit all the right notes.

5: Goodreads Finalist

In the end something must be right if The Will is in the the final rounds for Romance on goodreads best romance of 2014. I'm telling you if this isn't on your list your totally missing out on some awesomeness!

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