Jul 3, 2014

{Thoughts on Thursday} How do you choose a book to read?

Thoughts on Thursday is a meme I created to talk about book related topics, news, and events that I find interesting this week.

I'm always on the hunt for the next book, the newest author to try, the latest release by my favorites or try out the biggest hype. 

I'm a reviewer and of course like to know what others think before starting. Luckily the book community is huge and I havent had too hard of a time with choosing in the past. But lately I have too many choices. (Which is a wonderful thing!)

I also noticed a major change in my genre interest lately, leaving behind the YA and moving into the NA, as well as moving from Paranormal to Contemporary. I'm not sure how it came about but I noticed the shift ism't just me.

I still love my paranormal books of course, but I use to only read paranormal and now I'm having more of an open mind to mystery, contemporary, historical and more. (But the must have some romance :)

So whats everyones thoughts on the shift in the book world? How do you choose what to read next? Is it the hype? The genre? The Author?


  1. I think it is all factors you mentioned, I use to binge read on one genre but now I feel like my taste and reading preferance have changed. I need variety and I would rather change up my genres than binge reading on one. So I think your reading habits has a lot to do with you evolving as a reader also...and I think I've babbled way too much! Great discussion, Kristen!

  2. I think UF and YA fantasy will always be my go-to genres, but yeah, sometimes bingeing lead to burnout, and for me, HR, CR, romantic suspense, etc. are excellent palate cleansers. And I'm learning to branch out within the paranormal genres too with cozy mysteries and more PNR. Blah. I just love books, LOL. And yeah, Kristen, great discussion topic!