Jul 29, 2014

Comic Con 2014 Wrap Up and Winner!

Another year at comic has gone by, sadly it feels like it was way to fast!! But I had a blast and got to see a ton of panels from Agents of Shield, True Blood, Vampire Diaries to Arrow, Once Upon a Time and seeing the red Carpet Premiere for Outlander.

Best Panel:
True Blood: As this was their last year at comic con, it was a bittersweet moment with the cast, they were all very emotional and you could tell they really loved working on the show. My favorite Kristin Bauer van Staten made me cry about 5 times because she kept crying, it was so sweet to see the sarcastic pam so emotional. Anna Paquin aka Sookie rocked some purple hair. The saddest part was no Alexander aka Eric.

Funniest Panel:
Simpson and Family Guy: Those these are two totally different shows, they are actually doing a crossover so both panels talked about it and made some awesome jokes. For the simpsons we got to see a part of the new tree house of horrors, for family guy we got to see an awesome clip between peter and homer....so awesome!!

Red Carpet:
I know many people are Outlander fans, and well I was part of the lucky 1400 that got into the red carpet premiere event with the cast. First off the drove in, in some awesome old fashioned cars and looked amazing...The boys wore kilts! We got to watch the whole first episode, which I have to saw was freaking fantastic!! I cannot express how much I loved it and cant wait to see more of Jaimie!!!

Below are a couple pictures from the con and I cant wait to go again next year! 

First Place Winner:
Second Place Winner:

An email has been sent to the winners!! Thank you all again for participating in the giveaway stay tuned tomorrow for a book giveaway from titles I got from Comic Con!


  1. It's so awesome you go to go to the Outlander premiere!! I can't wait to see the show, and I'm glad to hear that you loved it! It's also so cool that you got to see so many great panels! I would have loved to see True Blood and Once Upon a Time! Great post Kristen!

    1. Thanks so much Charlene, I really had a blast and seriously recommend watching Outlander, soooo good!!