Jun 9, 2014

{Review} of Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett

Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GENRE: Paranormal Romance
THEME: Historical and Ghost

There's a big curse in little Chinatown…and it's not Prohibition.

It’s the roaring twenties, and San Francisco is a hotbed of illegal boozing, raw lust, and black magic. The fog-covered Bay Area can be an intoxicating scene, particularly when you specialize in spirits…

Aida Palmer performs a spirit medium show onstage at Chinatown’s illustrious Gris-Gris speakeasy. However, her ability to summon (and expel) the dead is more than just an act.

Winter Magnusson is a notorious bootlegger who’s more comfortable with guns than ghosts—unfortunately for him, he’s the recent target of a malevolent hex that renders him a magnet for hauntings. After Aida’s supernatural assistance is enlisted to banish the ghosts, her spirit-chilled aura heats up as the charming bootlegger casts a different sort of spell on her.

On the hunt for the curseworker responsible for the hex, Aida and Winter become drunk on passion. And the closer they become, the more they realize they have ghosts of their own to exorcise…


I’ve been looking for something different to read and loved the idea of ghost in the roaring 20s. Jenn Bennett’s writing caught my interest with her Arcadia Bell series and so I knew I’d enjoy another of her series.

Bitter Spirits follows Aida Palmer a performer and medium that is currently working at a little speakeasy called Gris-Gris. She is called in to work to help with an unusual situation, a man has been cursed and has a major ghost problem. But when Aida meets Winter Magnusson, a well-known bootlegger, she can’t seem to resist this powerful mans charm. Unfortunately someone has targeted Winter and Aida is the one person who can help rid of the ghost problem. But she too becomes a target and Winter will do anything to protect her.

Aida is a feisty and petite, but powerful and has a goal for future to live by the moment. After loosing the only family she had known, she has been on her own earning a living as a performer and has gotten a name for herself. Luckily for her new boss she helps a wealthy known bootlegger who happens to need her services due to a curse. Aida and Winter Magnusson forge a chemistry that is undeniable to them both, but also are hindered by ghost from the past. After loosing her brother she doesn’t realize that she hasn’t moved on as much as she thought. I felt that with her independence, it was understandable that she didn’t know a good thing that was right in front of her. But she was so closed off and Winter was opening up to her so much that I thought she would eventually see it. Her ability to see and make ghost appear is quite unique in the manner she practices in. Aida in the end is a great heroine who really has a talent and a heart of gold, I look forward to hopefully seeing her character again in the next book.

Winter Magnusson, oh boy… this man is what I feel would be an ideal lover and husband. He is all brawn and all man. He also knows how to run a successful business both legal and illegal for the times, but also protect and take care of those around him. After meeting Aida for the first time in an awkward situation, he can’t seem to resist her fire and freckles. I adored this man who has felt the guilt of losing his mother, father and unloving wife in an accident, he consistently wears it on his face. But once he meets Aida the light in his eyes open again and even though he is scarred as a reminder, Aida makes him feel loved. The chemistry between this two was unbelievable, Winter made it no question that he was attracted to her. In the end I love the progression and intensity of the relationship, but it was also the start of them moving on as well as dealing with their future and careers.


This is a paranormal romance story with mature sexual content. Fans of the Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins and the Chicagoland Vampire series by Chloe Neill, will love Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett.

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  1. Winter Magnusson--you say he's an ideal lover and husband, and I'm inclined to agree, b/c that . . . that is the name of an ideal lover and husband. WOW. Yeah, so I'm a total sucker for an awesomely named character, but it's not like I'm that arbitrary b/c I already have this book in the bedside pile waiting for me to read it ;) Still, probably will be getting to it even sooner that I thought b/c of the CV comparison. Great review!

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  2. I have yet to see a bad review for this book. Your comparisons are interesting. I actually didn't like the Sweet Trilogy, but do like Chicagoland Vampires. Thanks for the great review, Kristen!

  3. Jessica!! You must bring this higher on your tbr pile, I was actually quite surprised how much I liked this one, plus Winter is one heck of a guy hahaha

    Thanks so much A2H! Chicagoland Vampire is a great series, this series has that kick on suspense and mystery like the CV series and that what I enjoyed the most!