Nov 21, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday: Books to Movie Round 2

Thoughts on Thursday is a meme I created to talk about book related topics, news, and events that I find interesting this week.

Topic: Book to Movies

This week I wanted to talk about the upcoming books to movie that at the moment are the most talked about.

Tomorrow the very popular young adult series Hunger Games is coming out with it's sequel, Catching Fire. I'm super excited to see this one as I liked the second book more than the first. But I also like the strong acting from the very talent cast.

Are you seeing Catching Fire this weekend? Do you think this one will beat the first?


Next is another popular young adult series, that doesn't have shinny vampires but has some really kick butt female leads. I enjoyed this first four in the series and really couldn't get myself to continue after that. But I didn't enjoy the first which the movie is based off of, so I'll hope for the best. 

Will you be seeing Vampire Academy in February? Do you think they can do the book justice, better or worse than the book?


Lastly I can't forget about 50 Shades of Grey, I have read the first two and even though I don't understand the hype around Christian himself, its actually a pretty interesting read. I'm super curious however how their going to make this a movie, it's extremely adult and I'm hoping they can tell the sad story of both these characters without it getting to uncomfortable.

I also was surprised by their choice for Christian, it isn't how I pictured him, but this actor did a great job in Once Upon a Time as the sheriff. So I'm rooting for him that this movie is successful.

Do you link the choice for both lead roles? Are you going to see this steamy flick?

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