Sep 2, 2013

{Review} of Vengeance Borne by Amanda Bonilla

Vengeance Borne by Amanda Bonilla
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Urban Fantasy
THEME: Supernatural, Romance
AUTHORS BLOG: Amanda Bonillas' Site

Fated to Hunt…

As the local hunter, and a ward of the Sentry, a secret organization dedicated to eradicating the forces of evil, Jacquelyn has been protecting the small town of McCall, Idaho for the past five years. The hours are horrible, the pay is nonexistent, she has to work with her jealous ex-boyfriend – and forget about quitting. She’s in for life.

Destined to See…

When a rugged drifter comes through town, Jacquelyn immediately knows what he is – an Empath who can read emotions and sense what others are thinking – even though it’s clear the handsome stranger has no idea what, or how powerful, he is…

A Town in Peril…

When people in McCall start turning up dead, viciously ripped to shreds as if by a wild animal, Jacquelyn knows better. Furies are loose in Idaho and hell-bent on exacting revenge. But against whom? And for what purpose? Jacquelyn has until the full moon to stop the Furies’ killing spree and save the people of McCall, figure out how to work with her ex – oh, and there’s a handsome stranger in town who’s in desperate need of some schooling…


I’m already a big fan of Amanda Bonilla’s Shaede Assassins series and I couldn’t wait to read her latest Urban Fantasy. The Sentry of Evil series is one heck of a ride, with a tough as nails heroine, two powerful men who have her back and a small town that seems to have everything that goes bump in the night hanging around.

Vengeance Borne follows Jacquelyn a woman who was born a hunter, she works for a secret organization that hunts and kills evil. Now living in a small town some would think nothing crazy would happen but for Jacquelyn she knows better. Once the banshee screams come its time for her to hunt, along with her partner and bearer Finn. But when a new bearer comes to town that doesn’t know he has a gift and people start ending up murdered, it’s Jacquelyn’s job to find out what evil is out there.

Jacquelyn is a unique woman, born a killer and being a Waerd (hunter) is who she is to the core. After the loss of her old partner she was sent to her small town in Idaho where 5 years have passed and she finally feels settled. With her Bearer (empath/healer) Finn whom she cares for but are now recently separated, they fight the evil at night. What I liked about her character is that she is in no means perfect; she likes to jump into action without thinking about the consequence’s or danger. She also has a hard time keeping a job as she always has to run off because of her other “job” that is unknown to the towns people. I can’t imagine the stress that she goes through and sometimes wish she would just open up to Finn or Micah a bit more than she does. But she is stubborn and will do anything to get the job done.

Finn is a complicated guy who cares for Jacquelyn, he does come off as a bit overprotective but it comes with the job. He’s been fighting by her side for years and lovers for most of it. But since their break up he isn’t taking it too well and the poor guy is having a hard time because of his gift. As a bearer he is an empath and a healer, which means he can feel her emotion and also tries to take away her pain. Most of the book I loved him, pitied him or wanted to shake him out of his slump. But in the end I just think he’s a good guy who cares.

Micah is the new guy in town who is running away from himself. He has lived a hard life not knowing what he is and using medicine to take away the feelings. But he meets Jacquelyn who has answers to everything he was trying to get rid of. He discovers he has a gift and he’s darn powerful. Micah is an all around good guy, someone who wants to learn about what he is and also help Jacquelyn with whatever he can. I loved this guy, he was compassionate, understanding and helped people who were strangers.

Overall I loved this new series, the supernatural creatures were creepy and I can’t imagine what else is out there. I loved all the secrets, mystery behind Jacquelyn power and that this girl really kicks some butt. My only issue was that I figured out the villain way too quickly, though I don’t think it mattered since the readers can’t guess how it will end. There is so many great side characters, twist and turns, and of course romance. Bonilla’s writing is better than ever and she knows her Urban Fantasy, she will draw you in right at the first line.


This is an adult novel with some creepy creatures that will go bump in the night. Fans of Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampire series and Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassins series will love Vengeance Borne by Amanda Bonilla.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book as well. I was so happy that I got to read this book early. The characters were very interesting and complex. Can't wait to see what the author does in book 2.

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  2. Same here!! I loved how different this was and the characters were awesome!! Cant wait for book two either!!