Jul 22, 2013

Comic Con: Book News

I apologise for the absence but this past week and weekend I was attending Comic Con 2013 and I always get distracted when I'm getting my nerd on. I would however like to update you all on the bookish topics that happened at comic con!

Books to Movies! That was a huge topic at comic this past weekend. From Hunger Games, Divergent, Immortal Insturments and Enders Game, it was a buzz of Young Adult books getting the spotlight.

Hunger Games panel was the hot topic and I even got to be apart of the signing at the Summnit Booth! The posters are huge and I can't believe how awesome they are!  Check out the poster below.

The Divergent Panel and Immortal Instruments I didn't attend but I hear it was amazing! The bags and poster given out are really one of a kind. I got a great Divergent poster on the first day and didnt see much on Immortal Instruments, but I'm sure they gave out something and I just missed it.

Enders Game was huge this year! There was a whole tent dedicated to the movie and Summit also gave away bags like Divergent. You can see the Enders Game one below that I got! The tent was actually pieces of the movie set which the fans could interact with. Amazing!

Lastly I did make it to some signings and visit S&S booth, Penguin, Harper, and Ace and Roc. I also attended the Harper panel and saw some fantastic upcoming books that I can't wait for. Below are three goodies I got. I cant wait to read these!

Stay tuned for a giveaway tomorrow!


  1. The giveaway books look good! I live in NYC and have attended the Comicons here, and so it's always interesting to hear about a Comicon on the west coast.

  2. Wow I never knew ComicCon had so many book news!! I saw a lot of updates over Twitter this weekend! Will eventually make it to one! It's on my bucket list!