May 23, 2013

{Review} of Demon Slave by Kiersten Fay

Demon Slave by Kiersten Fay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Science Fiction Romance
THEME: Demon, Paranormal
AUTHORS BLOG: Kiersten Fays' Site

Marik Radkov believed the only thing left from his tortured past was the physical scars that adorned his body. But when he is stranded on a foreign planet, and held captive by an enticing blue eyed stranger, he is forced to face his past once more. To survive, he must subdue his lust, while keeping the mysterious and sexy woman from snaring his heart.

After escaping a violent assault of her home planet, Princess Nadua has been hiding on the cold planet Undewla for four hundred years, all but losing hope that her people will return for her. When the threat of a rebellion arises, Nadua must decide if she can trust the ruthless demon who strokes a desire she thought was long dead.

It’s been a while since I read the first in the shadow quest series but as soon as I started, I immediately was drawn back in the world of demons and space pirates. I loved Sebastian and Anya’s story so much and was thrilled to read about them again even as secondary characters. This time around we get to follow Marik, a crewmember from Sebastians ship who is trying to track down Anya’s long lost sister. As always Fay creates lots of friction, romance, an alien planet and some great secondary characters.

Demon Slave follows Marik who is thrown right in the middle of a battle when his ship lands on a new planet. Trying to track down his captains mates sister, he is captured by a strange group who is lead by an exotic woman they know as their Queen, whom Marik cant resist. Not long after he discovers that the one he’s looking for is right in front of him, he must convince her that his Demon side means her no harm. But these two not only have to start trusting each other but also watch their backs from the danger that’s close to home for this tough Queen.

Marik is a damage guy and demon, but he has a warrior’s heart. He was once s slave and sadly is afraid of losing control and blacking out in the moment of his Edge. I felt bad for this guy as Fay digs deep into his past, the readers get glimpses of his tougher days. He was great in this plot, with his smoking hot charm and the chemistry that sizzled whenever he was near Nadua. I also got frustrated along with him because Nadua just didn’t make things easy for him even though he clearly wasn’t trying to hurt her. But anyways I loved his protectiveness and how when he fights he just goes into warrior mode and takes care of business.

Nadua was not my favorite heroine; I was a bit frustrated with her especially since I adored Analia in the first book. Nadua is tough, untrusting and doesn’t seem to want to understand what happening around her. I didn’t like how she treated Marik coldly one minute and then fall for him the next and then changed her mind again. I wanted to shake her and just take Marik for myself. But in the end I think she started to become a character I could like, she opened up and realized that Marik was trying to help her.

Overall I enjoyed this second installment, even though it wasn’t as strong as the first book, I loved reading about the old characters and tying in the storyline from the first with this one. Plus the readers get a bonus plot happening with Sonya and Ethan, which I’m dying to read more about these two! As always with Fay she knows how to steam up the pages with her character, while also creating an intriguing plot that keeps you on your toes. I look forward to reading about these memorable characters.

This is an adult novel with lots of sexual content that is for mature readers. If you’re a fan of Ann Aguirre Sirantha Jax series or Larissa Iones’ Demonica series, you will love this!

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  1. Love the cover hehehe.. nice eye candy in the morning..

    Anyway, wonderful review! This series sounds very good, I love the way it sounds. Adding book one to my list :D

  2. I really need to start this series! I have no idea why I haven't.

    Great review, and I agree with Lily above - nice eye candy :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  3. Love the cover and I went out and downloaded a sample of the first book

  4. thanks Lily! I hope you enjoy the series book 3 is already out and book 4 is about to come.

    Lexxie - totally try this one out the science fiction is a bundle of fun and adding in some romance makes it awesome!

    Patricia - Let me know what you think of it :)