Feb 14, 2013

Follow Friday {57} Activity! Write a letter to my favortie character

FF 2012 Feature & Follow #98
Question this week from Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.
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Q: Write a letter to your favorite character. Rant, rave or gush…just pretend like they are real and you just want to let them know a “few things”. – Activity courtesy of author, Kelly Walker
Dear Anita Blake,

After all these years of being a kick butt Marshall and all the chaos of crazy supernaturals trying to hurt you and your friends, I dont know how you still are hanging in there. I give you major kudos for being able to stay alive and hold your own against the drama all the men in your life have caused. 

I do wish however you would choose one man to be with, I know the situation your in is pretty tough but... I think its time to choose one guy and someone who you can have a future with. So yah keeping kicking major supernatural butt and protecting your friends, I'm still rooting for you.

Good luck!
What about you?


  1. i stopped reading the series after the 7th book because she just became too skanky, i agree.. pick one or two men!

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  2. I actually quit like 2 books back. It started reading like erotica, there was a sex scenes every other chapter. So disappointing. I really loved Anita but that just totally ruined it for me.

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    - Nyx @ Unraveling Words

  3. I like your letter to Anita...
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  4. I gave up on Anita Blake because of the too many men in her life. She was cool before that, but now... blah.
    I like your letter, though. Good advise about choosing one guy ;D

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  5. Anita is pretty cool. I do agree she needs to make a choice!


  6. Awesome letter, Anita seems cool :)
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  7. I have heard fab things about this series! :D
    Great letter! :D

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