Sep 11, 2012

{Review} of Initiation by Imogen Rose

Initiation by Imogen Rose
My rating: 3,5 of 5 stars

GENRE: YA Parannoraml
THEME: Demon/Romance/Fae/Shifters
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Welcome to Bonfire Academy. Set in the foothills of the alpine mountains in St.Moritz, this exclusive private school caters to a special kind of student. Enter at your own risk... but if you are human, you may not want to enter at all.

This is part one of the prequel series (Bonfire Academy) in the Bonfire Chronicles. Book two, INTEGRATION, will be released summer 2012.

I’ve read my fair share of books based in academies and I have to say I’ve loved every single one of them, each has their own fantastic personality that I enjoyed. Initiation was brought to me and I couldn’t be more excited to read it, it has mystery, romance, violence and humor all mixed in one.

Initiation follows Cordelia, a demon who is starting up school again after a tragic fire closed it down abruptly. This school is full of every paranormal being you can think of, from werewolves, fae, vampire, demons and more. But when Cordelia gets assigned to be a mentor for a young demon, she gets a little more than she bargained for since the young demon girl has a bit of human in her. When random attacks start occurring and her young protégé might have some odd ability she can’t figure out, it seems Cordelia’s school life is about to get more exiting.

Cordelia, first off I love her name it made me think of Buffy right away. I was excited that this girl seemed tough and all she wanted was to have a normal kick back year playing tennis. She has the normal life; a boyfriend, a mother and father who love her and a new young demon to help out. But at a paranormal academy, everything can’t always go right with so many supernatural’s around. My favorite bits were when Cordelia was acting as a mentor for Faustine, the young demon. Their interactions were so cute and sisterly and really had a great bond. Cordelia is also they type of girl (demon) who can’t let something go, she is attacked and Faustine is having disappearing issues, so she becomes a sleuth to figure out these mysteries even if their dangerous. I loved that whole side of her.

Faustine, was so innocent and sweet and her demon side was such a huge mystery and so much fun. I also enjoyed the father daughter relationship she has, he dad being a demon king and a major softy for his little girl. She also is super friendly and really starts to bond with her fellow classmates, at the beginning I wasn’t sure if she would open up to others but she has such a strong persona after a while, even when her human side got in the way.

The boys, now this is sadly where I had my issues. As someone who is not a fan of love triangles I’m pretty particular as how they come together. I have to say neither of the boys caught my liking. Jagger is a womanizer and thinks he can own Cordelia and that she should just be rid of her current boyfriend. Their chemistry was off the charts but it was also a bit sudden. There is also Quinn, who is such a sweet guy and really helps Cordelia with everything. He doesn’t suspect that his own girlfriend is off with another guy. This upset me a bit because it made Cordelia look bad and I like the girl. In the end I don’t know whom she’ll end up with and I hope she can redeem herself and figure out what she wants.

Overall I enjoyed Initiation, the mystery of Faustine was the best part of the book. I couldn’t wait to she what was happening to her and why Cordelia was being targeted for protecting her friend. Also the end which hinted at a villain, it got me super excited for the next book because I know with this person, something bad is going to happen. I liked that each paranormal was learning about control, trying to fit in and pretty much having a “normal” school life. I will definitely be reading the second book and can’t wait to see how these characters develop.

This is a young adult novel with a bit of violence and mentions of adult situations. Fans of Heather Hildenbrands Dirty Blood series and Jennifer Armentrouts Covenant series will enjoy Imogen Roses’ Initiation.

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