Sep 20, 2012

{Guest Post} Spotlight on Kara from CLEAN by author Alex Hughes

Today on Seeing Night Reviews author Alex Hughes has written a spotlight on her character Kara from her latest novel Clean. Clean was released on september 4th and is the first book in the Mindspace Investigations series.

Spotlight on Kara
By Alex Hughes
In Clean, the narrator calls the Guild who kicked him out to ask a favor… only to find out the person he needs help from is his ex-fiancé, and the same person who betrayed him in the first place. So, naturally, we all want to know more about said woman.

Kara Chenoa is the current attaché, meaning it’s her job to deal with the public (and especially the public government) when they need something from the Telepath’s Guild. Her family has always been political, both on the Guild side and the non-Guild side, and they’ve been pushing her to get involved in some kind of public office for awhile. The attaché job seemed like a natural stepping stone, but it’s turning out to be a lot more work – and lot more headaches – than she ever expected. And a good portion of those headaches are coming from our hero.

Kara and our hero had been living together for over two years before he proposed. She has a low-level telepathy that only works by touch, and he is a very strong telepath, so by that point they had no secrets from each other. Wearing his ring was such a proud thing for her. She was taking her time planning the wedding, special ordering the perfect dress, the perfect cake, the perfect venue. And then the hero met his drug.

Our hero’s drug addiction was at least partially the Guild’s fault, since they were the ones to set him up with it in a Guild study. But he took it much, much farther than anyone could have foreseen. Kara, more and more uncomfortable with his blossoming addiction, kept silent for a long time, until… until something so horrible happened she had to turn him in. It was the right thing to do, and Kara knows that. But it still hurts her sometimes, to think about it.

Kara has a new life and a new set of loyalties since she and the narrator of Clean were together. But some things can never go away, not in life, not in Mindspace. Old wounds never quite heal. And old love…

Well, looks like Kara will have to figure it all out.

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