Sep 17, 2012

{Cover Reveal} Brush with Death by E.J. Stevens

I'm a big fan of E.J. Stevens Spirit Guide series and am so excited to have a cover reveal for her latest book in the series. Its a different than the last covers, with a slight brighter tone except for the title. What do you think?

See it here first! Today is the official cover reveal day for Brush with Death, the fourth novel in the Spirit Guide young adult series.

Brush with Death by E.J. Stevens
Samhain was scary, but graduation is downright terrifying.

Yuki and Emma's recent brush with death has unexpected consequences.

Until last winter Yuki could only smell the dead, but the touch of death's embrace has awakened latent powers. With the help of her friends, Yuki must face her new abilities. Will her psychic powers become the curse they all have feared? Curse or gift, Yuki's new vision begins leading her down an unknown path, but is it a road that only she can follow?

Emma's close encounter of the death kind has her questioning her future as well. Until now she had it all; brains, beauty, conviction, fabulous friends, and a scholarship to Tufts Veterinary School. She knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it. Emma had a plan for everything, but she never bargained for her own traitorous emotions. When graduation comes, will Emma follow her dreams...or follow her heart?

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