Jul 23, 2012

{Sneak Peek + Giveaway} of Love Can Be Dangerous to your Health by Liz Strange

Love Can Be Dangerous to Your Health
Today on Seeing Night Reviews, author Liz Strange wants to share a sneak peek into her novella Love Can Be Dangerous to your Health. Also leave a comment to be entered to win a ebook copy!

Sometimes love can suck the life out of you...literally.
Jake can't believe the beautiful woman he takes home is in his bed. He finds it even harder to believe when she's implicated in several strange murders. And it stretches the boundaries of his mind when she not only claims she wants a relationship with him...but also reveals a secret about herself.

Now Jake needs to balance being a homicide detective with what his heart wants. But can he really give this beautiful woman everything she asks for?
Content Warning: This book contains explicit scenes, language, violence.

She saw him in the crowd outside the busy club. Unlike the other men he stood with, he was not loud or obnoxious, and his behavior had not deteriorated to that of a pre-pubescent. He was very good-looking, tall and clean-shaven. His posture and body language spoke to his confidence, a natural leader without being domineering or aggressive. The dark leather jacket he wore stretched tight across his broad shoulders, emphasizing his well-toned physique. Her eyes trailed over his strong jaw line, his crooked smiled and indigo eyes.

She took a chance and touched his mind, pleasantly surprised by what she discovered. Despite a stressful job and a recent marriage break-up, a decency and sincerity shone through. An honest-to-goodness nice guy.

Yummy, she thought, and then took her place in line.

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  1. the cover is beautiful ( i always love handsome men on the cover :p)
    and the story is exciting...wanna read that book..
    thx u for the giveaway :)


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