Jul 11, 2012

{Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway} with Amanda Bonilla author of Shaede Assassin Series

I'm really excited today to welcome back author Amanda Bonilla who has written one of my top favorite series the Shaede Assassins series. She is here to talk about Ten Things about her and also giveaway a copy of her second book in her series!
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Ten Things About Me - Amanda Bonilla
Social media occasionally reminds me of a drive-by. Not the shooting kind, the quick wave as you’re passing on your way to work/school/misc. appointment kind. It’s easy to know a little bit about a lot of people when you’ve got hundreds of Facebook and Twitter friends. So I thought I’d take a few minutes today to tell you all ten things you might not know about me!

I’m an animal lover.
I can’t tell you how much I adore all things furry, fuzzy, feathery, and even scaly. People we know joke that our pets live better than we do. Right now, our little farm consists of: two dogs, one (haughty) cat, two bunnies, two geese, four ducks, and sixteen chickens. I really want to get pygmy goats next. They’re just so cute! I sing to my animals, too. The last song I sang to our baby goose was to the tune of Barry Manilow’s Mandy. I think she appreciated it. ;)
I hate spiders.
When I see one, it induces mind-numbing, joint-locking terror. Last fall, I went into my closet to get dressed and there was a giant (I’m not kidding, it was HUGE) spider on one of my shirts. I freaked out! I made my son spray all of my clothes with spider spray and it dropped off my shirt and disappeared. I then made him take all of my clothes off the hangers so I could wash them and search my closet for the spider carcass. Thank God he found it! I have to have proof of death.
When I was 14 I rolled my mom’s car down an embankment.
No joke. I was driving with my now husband on a dirt road out by one of the lakes in the area. I hit a patch of washboard road and lost control of the car. We hit a tree and rolled three times down a steep embankment. The hubs pulled me out of the car and while I was unconscious and helped me to the road. Poor guy had to wear a neck brace for a week. What can I say, people who wreck cars together, stay together!
I used to coach high school volleyball.
Volleyball is my all-time favorite sport! I love to watch it, play it, coach it. It’s a tough job, for sure, and let me tell you, I witnessed my share of high school drama. When I decided not to coach anymore it was a bittersweet choice. I needed more time to devote to my writing, but I missed the kids and going to practice every day. I still volunteer at the games, though. Instead of coaching, I’m the line referee!
I can’t draw.
Like at all. Not even a stick figure. I think the last time I tried to draw anything was in my middle school art class which I’m pretty sure I managed to get through with a less that shining grade. I really envy people who can draw/paint/sculpt. I’m so impressed with an artist’s ability to see something and transfer that mental picture to a piece of canvas or paper or a lump of clay.
I love to swim.
My mom can’t swim and so she wanted to make sure that my sister and I could save ourselves if we got into deep water. (Thanks, Mom!) We took swimming lessons from the time we were very small and spent every summer growing up at the local lake. I’d swim every day if I could, and if I had an indoor pool, I’d probably just live in the pool house.
Pink hair!
I have the best stylist. She’s my honorary daughter, actually. She’s been my daughter’s best friend since they were tiny and the hubs and I consider her family. She’s a master of color and we love to experiment. A couple of months ago when I told her I wanted to go blond and pink she said, “Let’s do it!” And when I asked her if I was too old to sport pink hair, she said, “Are you kidding? No way!” Thanks, kiddo!
I’m a forager.
What does this mean, exactly? It means that the hubs and I frequently go hiking up in the mountains behind our house to look for wild berries and mushrooms. Early spring is the perfect time to get morel mushrooms, which are absolutely delicious. Summer is ideal for picking huckleberries and wild strawberries. I’m not as good a forager as the hubs and I can sum up why in one word: spiders.
I have a collection of coffee making devices.
Don’t ask me why. It just sort of happened. I love coffee and I love kitchen gadgets. I have two drip coffee makers (a 12 cup and a 4 cup), a French press, and an espresso machine. The hubs swears I only need one of these, but he’s clearly insane. I need ALL of them!
Pink appliances.
My two favorite colors are pink and black. Bubble gum pink. And being the nice guy that he is, the hubs bought me a collection of pink appliances for my kitchen. I have a pink Kitchen Aid mixer, blender, and food processor. I have pink measuring cups, a pink can opener and vegetable peeler. If I could manage it, I’d get a pink stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher, too. A girl can dream…
Blood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin, #2)How about you? Do you love Miracle Whip? Are you afraid of sheep? I’d love to hear an interesting fact about you!
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  1. I've actually never tried Miracle Whip:) An interesting fact about me... I've never been on a plane or out of the country.

  2. Hi

    Great post, I love hearing interesting facts about others.

    I hate Miracle Whip - just saying.

    The most interesting thing about me was I used to live at the beach but could not wait to get away and now I am closer to the mountains and love it.

    Thanks for the chance.

  3. I love to eat popcorn with hot sauce!!

  4. You've been with your hubby all your life! That's great, I hope to be the rest of my life with mine.
    The only interesting fact about me, if we can call it that, it's that I don't like raw tomatos, I can eat cooked tomatos in a sauce or something like that but not "raw".
    Miracle Whip... no thank you.

  5. I'm deathly afraid of crocodiles/alligators, and I'm 33 and can't ride a bike. There.

  6. The hubs detests Miracle Whip. It's one of those condiments you either like or you don't! LOL. I wish I lived at the beach and I'll eat popcorn with just about anything! LOL. I love fresh tomatoes, but unless they're in a sauce, I don't eat them cooked. And who isn't afraid of crocks/gators? Holy crap! They're dinosaurs!

  7. Since I'm watching my diet, I eat low fat mayonnaise with olive oil, but I'd rather have mustard. :D I don't really care for Miracle Whip.
    I'm not afraid of sheep - when I was young, my aunt and uncle raised sheep and we got to feed the lambs their bottles. It was a lot of fun. I wouldn't say I'm afraid of them, but I won't eat lobster or crab. I don't want to eat alien looking creatures that I have to crack open with pliers, ewww.

  8. i loveeee miracle whip ;p
    tasting good with sandwich and burgers...

    sheep ? hmmmm.....i like watchig them from far far away...
    i think i', afraid to touch them..
    but my gradpa had a goat...
    ehen my grandpa is dead...the goat is dead too...:(

  9. Let's see.

    1. I met my husband on a blind date at 16.
    2. I hate mushrooms and brussle sprouts!
    3. I collect cobalt blue glass
    4. Don't like mayo, love mustard.

  10. I actually really like Miracle Whip but only in sandwiches. They don't taste quite as good without some whip. I'm craving a ham sandwich right now mmm.

  11. Miracle Whip has its place in certain dishes. I really like Mayo though for sandwiches.

  12. As I'm from the South anything other than Duke's Mayo will get you booted out of the South. I don't think I've ever tried Miracle Whip

  13. I'm loving the Miracle Whip discussion! LOL! Thanks again for
    having me on the blog and thanks everyone for your comments! <3