Jul 26, 2012

{Blog Tour: Guest Post} The Emerald Isle by Kate Hinderer

Today on Seeing Night Reviews author Kate Hinderer is here to talk about her latest novel the Emerald Isle and a little insight into one of her character Linley.

Linley's Diary
I’m author Kate Hinderer and I’m thrilled to be guest posting today as part of the blog book tour for The Emerald Isle. This book is part paranormal part contemporary fiction and it’s all fun.  (The book can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.)

Kristen asked me to write-up a character post so I figured I would give you a glimpse into excerpts of Linley’s diary, if she kept one. Linley is one of the secondary characters who plays a crucial role throughout the book. She’s young, naive and adorable. The story doesn’t focus on her, s we don’t know if she actually keeps a diary, but she’s the type of girl who would!

Tristan took me to Fascination Island for the first time today. The entire experience was thrilling, amazing, life-changing. I never knew it would feel that way – walking along the sandy beach, feeling the sun on my skin in an entirely different way than how it usually feels. I never wanted to leave, but staying for more than a few hours would be dangerous.
Still, Tristan showed me around the little part of the island he would let me explore. We stayed far away from the resort guests and the swimming area. I felt tree bark for the first time, and grass through my toes. I can’t even begin to explain what they felt like but it was nothing like I expected.
If I’m good he promises to bring me back a couple times a week, just so I get used to everything. I hope we can come more often than that.

*            *            *           

I think Tristan is in love. We’ve been coming to the island every single day!!!  He doesn’t even watch me that closely anymore. He just watches HER! She’s gorgeous so I understand why he stares. But I don’t understand why he refuses to go talk to her. She’d fall for him immediately. Everyone always does. What’s not to love? He’s my brother, and I think he’s the best. He won’t answer my questions when I ask about her and why he watches her all the time from his little hiding place. She lays in the sand and sleeps under the afternoon sun.
One of these days I’m going to talk to her. I’m going to find out what it is about her that has captured Tristan. I’m going to tell her he loves her. I’m going to bring them together. Tristan will be mad in the beginning but he will thank me later when they are together. It’s so romantic…. When will it be my turn?

*            *            *

I messed everything up! She was so sweet. They were so in love and I went and opened my big mouth and let the one secret slip that I had promised Tristan that I would keep for all time. He’s going to kill me! Or at least he will never forgive me. And she looked so sad. I tried to take it back and explain away my stupid words. But she knew it was all pointless. Why do I have to have such a big untamed mouth? I couldn’t just keep quiet. I couldn’t just let it be and see how everything worked out on its own. No I had to get involved and now everything is ruined.
I’ll never be allowed on Fascination Island again!

To escape a bad break-up and fighting parents Audyn takes a job as a lifeguard at Fascination Island. The posh five-star resort lives up to its name in every way, including the strange rules the owner has about entering the water at night. Despite declaring it a boy-free summer, it isn’t long before the shy, endearing Levi and the mysterious, tattooed Tristan begin vying for her attention. When Levi tries to push his advantage and Tristan comes to the rescue, Audyn realizes there is more to both these boys and the island they inhabit. Suddenly, she’s forced to acknowledge a reality she’d never considered and to pick a side in the conflict that has been waging for decades.
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