Jun 11, 2012

{Review} Dog Days by Elsa Watson

Dog DaysDog Days by Elsa Watson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Contemporary
THEME: Humor, Romance, Fantasy
RECEIVED: Received for Review for tour
AUTHORS BLOG: Elsa Watsons' Site

In Elsa Watson's Dog Days, struggling café owner Jessica Sheldon volunteered to be the chairperson of Woofinstock, Madrona’s annual dog festival, to overcome her reputation as “number one dog hater” in her dog crazy Northwestern town. Determined to prove her dog-loving credentials, Jessica rescues Zoe, a stray white German shepherd— and in the process the two are struck by lightning. 

Jessica wakes to discover paws where her feet should be, and watches in horror as her body staggers around the town square…. Zoe and Jessica have switched bodies. Learning to live as a dog is difficult enough, but Jessica’s real worry is saving her café from financial ruin. To complicate matters, she’s falling hard for Max, the town veterinarian. 

It’s clear that Zoe is thrilled to live life on “human terms,” thoroughly relishing all of the fun and food Woofinstock has to offer. But Zoe is also anxious to use her new human skills to find her missing family—who may not want her back. And Jessica needs to confront a complicated figure from her past before she can move on with her life. 

Jessica and Zoe will need to learn from each other to set things right, and possibly find acceptance and love in the bargain.

I was approached to be apart of Elsa Watson Tour for her new book Dog Days and was thrilled to have her introduce Zoe on my blog. Even though Dog Days is not in my regular reading genre, I couldn’t resist a story about a German shepherd and her owner switching places. I own a German Shepard puppy and he’s a crazy and humorous dog that I love so much, but I couldn’t imagine switching bodies. This was one book I had to read.

Dog Days follows Jessica and owner of a small town café called Glimmerglass. But there is one major problem, Jessica is afraid of dogs and after one incident with an owner and her dog; it left her café and herself with a bad reputation in a town full of dog lovers. But one day Jessica helps a lost dog and something crazy happens, lightening strikes and they switch bodies. Now both must learn to help each other, Zoe has to learn two to be human and Jessica has to hope Zoe does ruin the restaurant even more than she has.

Jessica, I truly enjoyed her character. Yes she may have a problem at the beginning with dogs but sometimes you can’t help what your afraid of. Switching body’s helps her understand Zoe and what it’s like being a dog, as well as help her see the importance of everything in her life. I seriously felt her pain when she finds out the hot veterinarian Max wants to ask her on a date, but since their switch its one heck of entertaining adventure on that part. She even deals with a major emotional part in her life, that of her mother who abandoned her, in a way like Zoe who is lost from her owners.

Zoe, is innocent, adorable and a really sweet dog, I felt her story wasn’t as compelling as Jessica’s. But I do have to say if a dog and human switch places Zoe hit the key on how I would think a dog would act. I was laughing at so many points; as much as some things were embarrassing it was entertaining.

Max, oh Max… I loved this guy! He was such a sweetheart in every way and dealing with Zoe in Jessica body was so much fun to read. He’s pretty important to the story as it moves on and I loved every minute with him in it. My only issue was that once I finished the book I realized he fell head over heels in love with a girl he new for a few minutes, but I guess you could say love at first sight.

Overall this was a fun and very cute novel written definitely for women and dog lovers. Jessica really is the strongest character in the book and deals with a phobia that many people actually have. There was some quirky humor and a little bit of repetitive moments, but in the end this is a book that will make you smile.

This is an adult novel suited for readers who enjoy bits of romance and humor, plus a soft spot for animals.

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