Jun 5, 2012

{Armchair BEA: Day 3} Positive "real life" experience with books

{Today's suggested writing topic: We'd love for you to share a positive "real life" experience with books! Either by way of your own partnerships in your community, a book signing you went to or possibly even a get together with fellow book bloggers. }

Well I've had some really great positive experiences with books! I worked for Borders Books and Music for five years. This is where I began my new love for more genres and authors. I started to discover them but shelving and getting ARCs to read to help promote our best sellers. Not long after a became a supervisor, Twilight came out and I read it and really enjoyed it. Soon after I began promoting it, the craze started and everyone wanted a copy. The YA genre boomed and I became in charge with organizing events and merchandising the area with books that I would recommend. I really miss working for the company but it got me started with recommending on my blog and becoming apart of such an awesome community.

Now I got to a local book store called Mysterious Galaxy for signings and big release events. I have met so many authors such as Cassandra Clare, Gini Koch, Holly Black, and many more there.

Also I got to Comic Con where I have met the author and gotten lots of wonderful ARCs, which helped me discover some fantastic new series. Last year I met Andrea Cremer, Tahereh Mafi, Marie Lu, Laurell K Hamilton, and many more. Along with going to the Publishing panels, I had a wonderful time. This year I'll be going again and I cant wait to see who I meet and new books to find!

Lastly I will be attending ALA later this month, where I already know some bloggers who I'm going to meet up with. This will be my first time attending and I cant wait experience this big event!


  1. Comic Con!!! I'm happy you have met those authors! I love them too! Cassandra Clare oh my. And Marie Lu too!

    Stopping by from Armchair BEA. :)

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  2. Are those actual bookstore uniforms in the photo or just some event costumes? If those are uniforms, that's so cool!

  3. You are so lucky to have worked in a bookstore! I've applied to my local ones many times, but they just don't seem to want me :(

    Have fun at ALA! I won't be able to attend, but it sounds great :)

  4. Hi Kristen!

    I miss my Borders SO SO MUCH. And isn't working in a bookstore the best? I worked at a Waldenbooks for about a year and a half before it closed and it was so much fun.

    Sounds like you have a lot of bookish real world experience! Yay for Comic Con!

    Happy ABEA :)

  5. Wow, you're going to THE Comic Con, the one that sells out in like an hour? Very cool! I can only imagine how insane it is there. Adding more authors to SDCC makes me even more anxious to go, if I can brave those crowds.

  6. OMG Comic Con! That would be a blast! I had friends trying to go this year but I don't think they were able to get passes. What a great experience! :)
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  7. If I had to get a job, a bookstore would be my number one choice (or a Librarian). I would love to be surrounded by books all the time :)

  8. Working at a bookstore must of be fab but I'm afraid all my paycheck would go to buy books. ;)

    Thanks for participating!

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