May 15, 2012

{Character Post + Giveaway} for The Cottage at Glass Beach by Heather Barbieri

Today on Seeing Night Reviews, author Heather Barbieri is here to talk about her lead character Nora from her new release The Cottage at Glass Beach a book about family, with mystery, myths and a bit of romance. I'll also be giving away two copies one today and one along with my review tomorrow.

I would also like to say Happy Release Day! for The Cottage at Glass Beach! You can purchase your copy today at Amazon | Barnes and Noble.
Authors Site: Heather Barbieri Site

Nora Cunningham:
Nora Cunningham seems to have it all: the picture perfect political wife with two young daughters and a rising star husband, the youngest attorney general in Massachusetts state history. Yet beneath the surface of her well-ordered life, trouble is brewing. She learns that Malcolm has had other ambitions than attaining higher office—he has also been having an affair, a revelation that devastates her. To protect her children and distance herself from the scandal, Nora returns to Burke’s Island, invited by her maternal aunt, a woman she barely remembers, and who sent Nora an old compass that once belonged to her mother.

Nora left the remote community off the coast of Maine when she was five years old, after her mother’s disappearance. Her father never spoke of the incident, relocating to Boston shortly thereafter, and Nora was left to wonder whether her mother had died or abandoned her. That early loss—and the lack of communication surrounding it—shaped her character. She became a typical high-achiever, getting the best grades at her parochial school, a scholarship to a prestigious university, working hard at everything she undertook, including her marriage. Having a strong nuclear family was all the more important to her, because she didn’t have one growing up. Known for being capable and organized, she has a law degree, but she devotes her time to raising her children, serving as the head of various charitable organizations, and supporting her husband, defining her identity—until everything is thrown into question and she is left to wonder who she is and what she wants. The old sense of abandonment returns, ten-fold.

The quiet of Burke’s Island gives her a respite from the swarming media attention, but it also gives her time and space to think—perhaps too much. She finds more questions than answers--that the past, and not only the recent past, haunts her, that she worries about the effect of the last month’s events on her daughters, and that she, too, is susceptible to an illicit attraction, in the form of an enigmatic islander, Owen Kavanagh. The emotions that she has suppressed begin to surface—loneliness, desire, loss, threatening to overwhelm her. She has difficult choices to make and challenges to overcome, only then will she be able to chart a new course for herself and her daughters and find her way home at last.

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  1. I am intrigued by Nora, wondering what she will decide to do now that her ordered life has been shaken.

  2. I am totally interested! I want to read this!

  3. oops didn't see the question at first, lol. I want to know what does she do about the mystery surrounding her mother. I can't imagine having such an answered question!

  4. Nora obviously wants answers. Interesting to see how events unfold.

  5. I think Nora sounds like a very strong woman but I'm anxious to see how she holds it together with her husband's affair and the possible family secrets that are sure to come out. I can't wait to read it!