May 9, 2012

{Blog Tour: Character Post + Giveaway} On Demon Wings by Karina Halle

Today Seeing Night Reviews is the next stop in the On Demon Wings Blog Tour for Karina Halle! We have one interesting guest here today, a woman everyone seems to not be a fan of, especially Dex and Perry fans! Please welcome Jennifer! 

Our Internet Hottie Interview with a Wine Babe

This month in Maxim magazine, we are oh-so proud to bring you a short and sweet interview with Jennifer Rodriguez. You all know who she is, the co-host of Wine Babes, that show that’s taking the internet by storm by teaching morons like us how to pair a pinot noir with Jack-in-the-Box’s sourdough melt. When Rodriguez isn’t schooling our culinary shortcomings on the cheap, she’s causing shortcomings in our pants with her smooth skin, wild mane and ready-for-anything attitude.

Maxim: Welcome Jennifer!

Jennifer Rodriguez: Hi boys.

Maxim: Thanks for being our Internet Hottie interview this month.

Jennifer: No problem. I’m just glad you picked me and not Rebecca.

Maxim: Ah, we always wondered if there was some rivalry between you two hosts. You’re quite different. She’s very Dita Von Teese and you’re quite…

Jennifer: One of a kind.

Maxim: We were going to say Jessica Alba, but we can’t argue with that. So, Jennifer, you’ve been the co-host of Wine Babes for a few years now. What’s the worst food you’ve ever eaten on camera?

Jennifer: Oh that’s easy. One time we paired a Filet-of-Fish with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Maxim: What happened? Had it gone bad?

Jennifer: No. It’s just McDonalds. My body is a temple.

Maxim: It certainly is. Were you a model before you started Wine Babes?

Jennifer: I was but it was so boring. You can only be told you’re beautiful so many times. Where’s the adventure?

Maxim: Speaking of, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Jennifer: I’ll get in trouble if I spill the beans. But taking my top off for you guys was one of them.

Maxim: We’re honored. Now, rumor has it that you and the cameraman for Wine Babes are doing it. How long have you been together?

Jennifer: Bradley? A few months.

Maxim: We’re talking about Dex Foray. He’s the cameraman for Wine Babes and Experiment in Terror, isn’t he?

Jennifer: Oh, right, Dex. Yes…yes he was. Wine Babes has a new camera guy, Bradley. He’s great.

Maxim: And Dex? Don’t tell me you’re single.

Jennifer: Oh, you (laughs). No, I’m taken. Dex now works on Experiment in Terror full-time.

Maxim: He’s a lucky man. He got to work and hump you and now he’s doing a ghost-hunting show with another babe.

Jennifer: Did you just call Perry Palomino a babe? I don’t think so.

Maxim: And the claws come out. I guess you won’t be hosting with Perry Palomino any time soon.

Jennifer: Me and Perry? Over my dead body.

Maxim: It can be arranged. You can haunt her (laughs).

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