Apr 9, 2012

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Whisper of Memory (Whispering Woods Book 2)
Whisper of Memory by Brinda Berry
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

GENRE: YA Fantasy
THEME: Futuristic
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Weapons training and winter formals...a deadly combination. 
All Mia ever wanted was to fit in at Whispering Woods High. But being a portal-finder who dates a guy from another dimension sort of makes it hard. Mia's brother disappeared over a year ago, and agents from the IIA began policing people's movements through dimensions. She'd trusted Dr. Bleeker from the local university when he'd told her the IIA were the bad guys. But even a girl with an extraordinary ability to sense things can make mistakes. 

Now two people are dead, and as a portal gatekeeper for the IIA, Mia needs to find Dr. Bleeker before he hurts anyone else. And her boyfriend Regulus, an Agent for the IIA, carries secrets of his own. Between learning about weaponry, finding the perfect dress for the winter formal, and catching bad guys, who has time to fit in?

I read both The Waiting Booth and Whisper of Memory in one day; I really enjoyed the concept of different earths and government travelers. Where book one captivated me from the beginning, Whisper of Memory almost hit the same mark. There were more predictable moments, but I liked getting into the mystery of the IIA and what happened to Mia’s brother.

Mia and the gang are back; she and her two best friends have discovered that different dimensions of earth exist. And that there is an agency called the IIA whom police the humans on each earth. Arizona and Regulus are two agents whom are working for the IIA and also recruiting and training Mia. Regulus and Mia from the last books have a chemistry neither can resist even thought it’s against the rules of the IIA. Not only that, but her brother is still MIA and Dr. Bleeker is on the loose, Mia’s life has gotten a lot more complicated and dangerous.

Whisper of Memory continued right where Waiting Booth left off, Mia and Regulus have decided to give in to their chemistry and start dating and hope that the IIA doesn’t find out. Even though at some moments I felt their scenes together were a little too cutesy, I just can’t get enough of this couple. Along with Austin her BFF giving Regulus a bad time, I liked all the bickering and testosterone that was continued from the first book. Mia really is starting to grow up more, wanting to learn about her mother, trying to figure out her purpose with IIA and moving forward with her boyfriend, plus finding out about her brother.

Austin had a bigger role in this one, I always enjoy his protectiveness with Mia, but I found also liked the scenes with Peter, (Mia’s Brother) arguing with Regulus and getting more involved with what IIA is all about. Speaking of Peter, he is a big mystery and the readers get a lot more insight on why he doesn’t want to be found and Austin is someone who can contact him.

Overall a lot happens that I wish I could go on and on about, but I don’t want to give too much away. The big shocker was something I did predict, but I still felt sad that it happened and hope Mia can pull through. The strongest aspect of this series is friendship; Mia and her friends are super close and always there for each other. I like their nerdy bond through an online game and that they are handling this discovery of two worlds as best as they can. In the end I cant wait to see what happens nest and look forward to the next novel by Brinda Berry.

This is a young adult novel with a unique science fiction story line. Fans of The Host by Stephanie Meyers and Lauren DeStefano’s The Chemical Garden will want to get there hands on Brinda Berry’s Whisper of Memory.
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