Apr 25, 2012

{Review} Atlantean by E.N. Watkins

Atlantean (Eternal Trilogy, #1)Atlantean by E.N. Watkins
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GENRE: YA Fantasy
THEME: Mythology
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Amadeus Angel knows there must be more to life than suffering at the hands of his so-called parents. He also knows there must be some explanation for the lines on his hands forming knots, his crystalline tears, and his lavender eyes. But he never expects that an invitation to attend Eden Prep will unravel these mysteries, providing the catalyst for a plan thousands of years in the making.

I was really excited when I won Atlantean by E.N Watkins on Goodreads and even more so because it was based around the myth of Atlantis. Watkins gets very detailed and pulls of an interesting twist about Atlantis that I found very original.

Amadeus Angel has gone through life suffering by the hands of his “parents.” You see he special, though he doesn’t know it yet until the day he is requested to attend Eden Prep. He discovers that he is an Atlantean and someone very important. He meets other like him who help put together the pieces that he’s been hidden from his whole life.

Amadeus was a great character, growing up he was practically tortured by his “parents.” When he cries in pain, his tears form crystals in which they take from him. I found this rather interesting and was so glad that those people get what they deserved after what they did to him. The whole story focuses around him discovering his origins and how Atlantis is connected to events in the Bible.

There are many characters introduced, but the four connected to Amadeus are Nyssa, Diana, Eli and Victoria. These girls become bonded with him, using their abilities to communicate and learn from each other. I found this rather unique and not sure how I felt with all the bonding because everyone else had one soul mate and he seems to be connected with many. Nyssa is different from the rest and she has another unique ability and Eli has one heck of a story behind who she is.

My main issue was the information; I felt so overwhelmed at points and even got lost at others. Don’t get me wrong the history behind this that was created for this story is very detailed and really interesting. But I felt I was being taught in class about the mythology instead of following the characters on their adventures.

Overall I really enjoyed learning about Amadeus, where he comes from and how each character is connected. My favorite part was learning about the different abilities the Atlantean’s could do, communications, talking under water, Atlantis itself, etc. It brought the story to life. I would definitely read the next book, I’m so curious on where the characters will go and how they will teach the students in the end.

This is a young adult novel that has a creative twist to the tale of Atlantis. Fans who love myth novels such as Mythos Academy and Covenant Series will enjoy Atlantean by E.N. Watkins.

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  1. Great review. I love that book cover. I can't always cope with books that have a lot of information in, but I'll check it out