Mar 10, 2012

Review Copy Cleanup [challenge 2] - Cuddle Up With a Book

I just joined Review Copy Cleanup with Books, Biscuits & Tea and Nyx Book Reviews
I have a ton of books to read this month which I'm super excited for. My blogging pal April over at My Shelf Confessions told me about Review Copy Cleanup and I thought this was a fantastic idea. 

For the second challenge its called Cuddle Up With a Book. The goal of the challenge is to share your favorite place to read.

For me thats easy, I always read on my couch, its the best spot for lighting and comfort. My couch is leather and soft, plus my puppy can lay near my feet on his big fluffy pillow. I dont listen to any music because I find that distracting, but once in a while I'll read while my husbands watching tv or playing the xbox. I pretty much only read and night because thats when I relax or finally take a break from work.



  1. I officially love your couch! It has one of those perfect corners I adore. Totally want one! <3 Comfy!

    My reading spot can be found here!

  2. Ah, your couch looks really comfy. I like it!

  3. I usually read at night, too. It's the only time that everyone in the house doesn't interrupt me! lol

  4. Awww puppy and comfy couch, perfect combo.