Mar 6, 2012

{Character Guest Post + Giveaway} Austentatious by Alyssa Goodnight

Today on Seeing Night Reviews we have Sean from Austentatious who is going to give us a little insight about him and Nicola. Please give him a warm welcome and enjoy his addictive scottish charm.

SNR: Hello Sean, thank you for visiting Seeing Night Reviews today and answering some questions for us.

Sean: My pleasure.  AUSTENTATIOUS has made me a bit more popular than I'm used to, but I'm enjoying the attention.  And the fact that it's making Nicola a bit jealous.
SNR: Tell us a little about yourself.
Sean: Until recently I could have summed it up in one sentence: Scottish by birth, musician by chance and luck…and maybe a bit of talent.  Now my story is downright novel-worthy.  My band Loch’d In has a record deal in the states, we’re moving to Austin, Texas, and I’ve landed a girl who, in the end, simply couldn’t resist me.
SNR: What do you love about riding a motorcycle? And how was it wearing a kilt on a motorcycle?
Sean: Funnily enough, I think I enjoyed the kilt ride as much as Nicola did.  I mean, who doesn’t like a little adventure?  A little daring?  Well, Nic might have spoken right up before she met me, but I like to think I’ve swayed her a bit.  There’s just something about the breeze flowing over you and the pavement whipping past beneath you—it’s a rush.  I’m proud to say that it doesn’t take too much prodding to get Nic on the bike with me anymore.  She still clings like a banshee, but I consider that a perk.  The kilt hasn’t yet been for another ride—not on the motorcycle anyway.
SNR: When you met Nicola what was it that drew you to her, besides the whole mushroom incident?
Sean: Ah, the mushroom—that was something.  She was just adorably frustrated and determined.  It’s hard for a bloke to resist trying to swoop in and save the girl who clearly doesn’t need saving.  And after that, the spark was there, and she fought it.  Naturally I had to fight right back.  I like a challenge, and I don’t mind a good fight—it’s the Scot in me.
SNR: What surprised you the most about Nicola?
Sean: That she chased me across an ocean.  And got up on stage, in front of strangers, to face her fears and to win me back.  That she had fallen as hard for me as I had for her.
SNR: When you’re on stage performing with your band, what are you normally think about if at all?
Sean: I’m usually critiquing myself or wondering whether the band is making an impact—if people are really listening.  And then some days I’m somewhere else entirely—lost in thought.  It’s almost a shock when the song comes to an end. 
SNR: Have you ever read any Jane Austen books? And what books do you like to read?

Sean: I’ve read bits of Pride & Prejudice–it is a classic, after all, isn’t it?  And I’ve sat through various BBC productions at Mum’s house, mostly while on holiday.  I read a good bit of poetry, as it helps some with the task of writing songs.  And sometimes you’ll catch me with a biography of a true life adventurer.  Someone who’s hiked to Machu Picchu or sailed around the world.
SNR: If you could take a vacation anywhere with Nicola would you go back to Scotland or somewhere else?
Sean: We’ll definitely go back to Scotland, but I think our next vacation should involve a new challenge, like white-water rafting, zip-lining, or maybe mud fishing.  Nicola really does thrive on a good challenge.  The bitching is all part of the fun.  Don’t tell her I said that.
SNR: What is the most exciting thing you’ve done recently?
Sean: Easy.  Fallen in love.  Nothing beats the thrill of getting the girl.  And now all those songs I’ve written can be sung with someone specific in mind.
SNR: Thank you again for being here Sean, I’m sure you have a busy day ahead of you especially with Nicola and the band.
Sean: Absolutely, and that's exactly as I like it.
Alyssa GoodnightMy review of: Austentatious by Alyssa Goodnight
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  3. Loved the interview!! Sean has me swooning from "My Pleasure!"
    I loved his response, "Until recently I could have summed it up in one sentence: Scottish by birth, musician by chance and luck…and maybe a bit of talent."

    He has quickly become one of my favorite heros and Nicola is one lucky lady! ;)

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    I love the timelessness of Jane Austen. No matter Regency England or Austin, Texas today, Austen still resonates.

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    What I love about Jane is that she is still so relevant, even though her stories are 200 years old. I love her characters - so very human - and that I know people in my life who are just like some of the people in her novels! :O)

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