Jan 3, 2012

{Author Guest Post + Giveaway} Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper

Seeing Night Reviews is the next stop in the Tangled Tides blog tour for Karen Amanda Hooper! A wonderful mermaid tale that I couldn't get enough of. I'm excited to say that Treygan is here to talk about Tangled Tides himself, he is the very handsome merman who carries a soft spot for Yara.  I'm also giving away a kindle/mobi copy to one lucker follower because I enjoyed this novel so much! Everyone please welcome Treygan!

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Tangled Tides (The Sea Monster Memoirs, #1)
Karen has been doing a lot of interviews since the release of Tangled Tides, so she asked me if I’d do a guest post because she’s worried that readers are tired of hearing about her.  Apparently, some people have sent her messages wanting more of mine and Yara’s story. More is coming, I assure you. Many volumes exist in our Sea Monster Memoirs, and some of the stories are about me and Yara, but other sea creatures have tales to tell as well. 

For those who haven’t read Tangled Tides, I’d like to mention that the story is told from three different perspectives: Yara’s, mine and Rownan’s. Many humans warned Karen that our story shouldn’t be told that way; something about too much head-hopping, and a human tendency to prefer one point of view. Karen went against the advice and put our best interests first. She had us tell our experiences firsthand and we are grateful for that. Rownan and I struggled with it a bit in the beginning because we didn’t want people to know what we were thinking or feeling, but eventually Karen made us see why our take on things was so important. 

When I first started reading through Rownan’s memoirs, I wanted to inflict serious pain on him. I mean, what an imbecile. But Karen was right about needing all sides of the story. After I swam in Rownan’s fins for a while, some of his asinine actions made sense. Some readers may not like things I said or did either--or any of us for that matter—but once they understand our motives the story becomes a much more complete picture.  Even if it is a very complicated and tangled picture. 

I’ve read Tangled Tides over and over, mainly because I love reminiscing about mine and Yara’s first moments as a couple. The next volume of our memoirs is … intense. Many days I look back and wonder how any of us lived to tell about what we went through. I’ll never be able to read the entire next book. I tried, but it’s too painful. 

That’s the thing about stories. They consist of many types of moments: beautiful, tragic, magical, evil, and so many more, but we share our experiences as a way to connect with others. No one can tell a story as well as the one who lived it, and I love that Karen is helping us sea creatures connect with humans. I can’t imagine a world without books or friends. It would be like a world without water or love.

I love that guy! Thanks for visiting Seeing Night Reviews Treygan!
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  1. I just love mermaids...ever since Splash and Little Mermaid! I know that I will love books about them too!

  2. I've looked around your blog and I think it's really interesting, especially the font, and I loved your review of Tangled Tides too! Now I want to read it even more (: YA books about mermaids are just simply awesome!!

    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity, I really hope I can win this! Good luck to everyone else who's entered! :D

    ~ Sherlyn