Jan 7, 2012

{Author Guest Post + Giveaway} Asylum by K.A. Tucker

Seeing Night Reviews is the next stop in the Asylum Blog Tour for K.A. Tuckers series Casual Enchantment. Today we have a very special guest with us! The very protective werebeast and Evangeline's number one guard MAX!

Asylum (Causal Enchantment, #2)

SNR: Hello Max, thank you for us here at Seeing Night Reviews. I hope you don’t mind answering some questions, I know you’re probably busy watching over Evangeline.
MAX: Well, I don’t really have much choice, now do I? Evangeline arranged this little soiree. She demanded I stop breathing down her neck for two minutes so I figure I can spare that much time before my walking disaster of a master gets herself into trouble again.  She’s more work than protecting a kitten in a cage of wolverines.
SNR: I see… well I’m sure she’ll be good for a few moment…I hope. So lets get started. What is the biggest difference between your old master and now Evangeline whom you protect?

MAX: Gee…besides the nine-hundred year age difference and fact that one’s a female human and one’s a male vampire? *sarcastic snort* Well, I suppose if I had to pick, I’d have to say my level of self-control has changed I had no control over myself when Mortimer commanded me. I mean, I tricked him that one time when I hid Evangeline’s existence from him. Boy, did that ever backfire… I never could refuse the domineering vampire. When I switched masters  - I’m pretty proud of myself for that one, by the way, though I have no idea how it happened  - I started learning how to control my actions and wishes. When I was with Mortimer, I was forced to serve him. With Evangeline… I can’t help myself, I want to serve her.

SNR: What do you enjoy doing on lazy days, when you can actually relax and not worry about vampires or someone hurting Evangeline?
MAX: Oh… the good ol’ days, before I got sucked into the Red Devil’s web (don’t get me wrong; I’m “Team Sofie” in this whole mess. I’d be nuts to be anything else). I used to roam free, hunting – at night, usually, so as not to scare the daylights out of all the food… er, I mean people. I was pretty good about not killing people. 
But now that Evangeline’s around? Ask me again when I have sweet clue.

SNR: What is your biggest weakness if you even have one? 
MAX: Weakness? I have no weaknesses… *yellow eyes narrowing* Why are you asking? Who wants to know? Let me see your hand! If I see a tattoo, you’re dog meat...  *Sighs* I apologize. I’m a little paranoid.  You never know where your enemies might hide. The truth is – Evangeline is my biggest weakness. I can protect her from vampires, witches, and the Sentinel until the end of time. But how do I protect her from being human?

SNR: Who is one person or vampire you would like show whose boss or top dog? 
MAX: No brainer. Viggo. I’ve had to put up with his psychotic pompous grins for over four hundred years now. My brothers and I are dying to rip his heart out but then Sofie would get mad at us. You don’t want Sofie mad at you…

SNR: If you could travel anywhere with anyone where and who would it be and why?
MAX: I’ve heard about this wonderful land called, “Africa,” where giant cats roam free. I think they’d be fun to chase around with my brothers… I wouldn’t mind getting away from all this vampire drama.

SNR: How do you feel about the vampires and the predicament that Evangeline is in? 
MAX: Wow… no one’s ever asked me that before. You want my thoughts on it? Well, I think it’s despicable. Can you imagine everyone around you playing with fate – your fate – for their own gain? I mean, I’d be okay with the venom issue being resolved. Sofie promised to have a few more werebeasts made for me. Like maybe a female werebeast… *averts eyes*

SNR: What is you favorite food to eat? Of course not dog food, right? 
MAX: Excuse me… I think I just threw up in my mouth. My favorite is a bit of People’s Sentinel with a side of stupid Sentinel mutt-dog.  I forgot how good that tasted until the day at the park, when Evangeline was attacked. I haven’t hunted the Sentinel in years – Mortimer’s didn’t let me. We had to keep a low profile. Now though… with things changing, with the war coming… I’m ready to roll.

SNR: Thank you for joining us Max! I hope we didn’t keep you too long from Evangeline’s side. 
MAX: I suppose that wasn’t as bad as I expected… I’ll go back to breathing down Evangeline’s neck now, until she snaps again. See you around. Better not be with any tattoos anywhere…

Now that was an awesome interview :) who wouldn't want a werebeast like Max having their back? Thank you Max!


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