Sep 22, 2011

{Review} of A Fire Within by Christi McMillen

A Fire WithinA Fire Within by Christi McMillen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

GENRE: Paranormal Romance
THEME: Telekinesis/Mystery
RECEIVED: For Review from Author
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PURCHASE A Fire Within:

Rayna Daniels is a woman marked for death. To escape the horrible fate two serial killers have planned for her, she finds herself depending on the unique assistance and protection of Detective Chase Stone. Though her own abilities are powerful, Rayna and Chase learn that only together can they defeat the killers and find the fire within each other.

A Fire Within by Christi McMillen is a paranormal romance that starts right off with a bang. A young woman by the name of Rayna is suddenly kidnapped by two unknown men and held in a dark room  in who knows where. Amazingly she gets away and straight into the arms of Detective Chase Stone. Together the two work the case to stop the men who took her and still very much are looking for her.

Rayna is a spunky woman with a very smart demeanor. She has abilities that at the beginning I was intrigued by. She could sense and feel the danger around her; I was curious to how her abilities were going to play out. As the story goes on her powers seem to develop into a lot of different talents. At some points felt she was too powerful and that I couldn’t really grasp how quickly she begins to understand them. I enjoyed her how depending on her mood or anger I might say, her powers would have a mind of their own when she wasn’t paying attention.

Chase Stone is a man that I could say would make many women swoon. Not only being a smoking hot detective but he’s very protective to Rayna and determined to stop these horrible killers. I absolutely enjoyed the steamy chemistry between Rayna and Chase, the pages burned with every scene together.  I wished that the relationship took more time so that they got to know each other, but in a novella I felt the pace fit well.

The two killers, I don’t want to get into too much detail and give anything away. But they were definitely creepy and twisted in the way they handled situations and did things.  It gave me the chills to read the scenes with them together.

Overall a quick read and a fast paced story that in the end leaves you with some questions. I’m interested to see what happens next with the two leads and possible get more incite to Rayna’s abilities.

This is an adult book with sexual content and violence that is for mature readers. Fans of Jenna Black and Lilith Saintcrow’s adult writings will enjoy Christi McMillens novella A Fire Within.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I truly do appreciate it and I am currently working on the next one. Without going into too much detail, there is more to Rayna & Chase & her abilities that will be told, along with two other characters to help catch (hopefully) the bad guys. Thanks again!