Aug 16, 2011

Author Guest Post : The Wizard if Time by G.L. Breedon

I'd like to welcome the Author of Wizard of Time Geoffrey Breedon to Seeing Night Reviews. He has kindly joined us today to discuss a little about his 1st science fiction and fantasy novel.
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G.L. Breedon Bio: After a childhood spent whizzing through the galaxy in super sleek starships and defeating treacherously evil monsters in long forgotten kingdoms, I grew up to write science fiction and fantasy novels. I live with my wife in Brooklyn, NY.

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The idea for THE WIZARD OF TIME was born of a dream. That seems fitting as dream plays a significant role in the beginning of the novel.

In the dream I had, I was in a bookstore and some kids were looking at a series of books, so I wandered over checked the covers. I discovered that I was the author of the books and that they were about time travel and magic. That combination seemed like a great idea and I figured a dream of that nature was a good omen, so I spent a few weeks daydreaming the story into existence. The end of all that daydreaming was a story about a young time mage, Gabriel Salvador, who ends up at the center of a war of magic fought throughout the timeline of history.

 Although at first glance the novel would appear to be influenced by contemporary YA novels like the HARRY POTTER and PERCY JACKSON series, the stories that held the most sway over my imagination were the old DOC SAVAGE pulp novels from the 1930s and 40s. I was also influenced by Robert Jordan's WHEEL OF TIME series and   the story of Clark Kent's adolescence and coming of age in the TV show SMALLVILLE. Stories that explored how people who have extraordinary power thrust upon them cope with the moral challenges that they must inevitably face. Gabriel is the kind of hero who doesn't want the power he has been gifted and struggles to figure out how accept the responsibility that power entails as he tries to avoid the temptations that accompany it.

My hope is that readers will be entertained by the magic and time travel of the adventure, provoked by the ideas the story elicits, and moved to care about the characters. I also hope they come away wondering what happens in Book 2.

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  1. This sounds like a great read! I love coming of age stories. I'd probably enjoy reading this, and possibly my son as well. I wonder whether it leans more toward sci-fi (technological) or fantasy (magical)? This definitely sounds like an interesting mix of the two.

    Donna @ The Happy Booker